Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October Your Bijoux Box review

One of the boxes I really look forward to receiving every month is my Your Bijoux Box, I am kinda "rediscovering" my individual style now that i am in my 40's and part of that has been exploring the art of using jewelery more as an accessory that I had done it the past... I never had much more than a basic jewelry collection (expensive, nice...but very basic...pearls, silver cross necklace, gold cross necklace and a heart locket in both gold and silver...and my wedding set...and I very seldom wore most of that (just the silver cross and wedding set was ever worn) I actually have been having a really good time playing with all the new fun, funky, bright pieces that I receive in my Your Bijoux Box every month and finding ways to change up the various outfits in my closet based on the jewelry I decide to wear with it.... I have learned how just  changing a necklace can 100% change the look of what I have a big " Thank You" to Your Bijoux Box for helping me come out of my shell and discover a whole new way to accessorize!

Your Bijoux Box has an info card just as most boxes do and it explains the pieces in the box ...most months I have received  3 pieces, but officially it is 2 to 3 pieces I believe... obviously a "pair" of earrings counts as "one piece" The Box costs $35 a month and is a great value when you look at the cost of similar pieces  in your local department store or even online. In all the months I have received Your Bijoux Box there has only been one piece that I didn't like and add to my personal growing collection...even the pieces that pushed way beyond my comfort zone I ended up really liking.

The Gilded clover necklace and earrings was the first little black jewelry bag I pulled out of the box (I love that everything comes in it's own little protective pouch)

The Clover on this design is alternating gold clover and white really is an unusual design and I like that it is a "basic" set but has a little added flare to help make it "pop" with the clover .

These are the earrings for the set, although I personally do not wear earrings (my holes grew up several years ago) I think these are cute and a perfect accompaniment to the gilded clover necklace (the earrings will make a nice gift on their own though,which is what I do with all earrings I receive in boxes)

The gilded clover necklace is a good length, I can wear it long or as a doubled up as a shorter necklace when needed...  I actually love this with a black T shirt or multi colored  silk tank (yes, a tank...I live in Texas you can totally wear a tank on October) 

Cabochon petals necklace- this is one of those pieces that a year ago I would have never given a second glance and now I am scouring my closet trying to match up things to wear with this next time I head into town. This is a pretty piece that really goes well with a lot of things in my closet and really changes the look of the most basic top.

A look at the entire October Your Bijoux Box, I think there is a waitlist now so you might want to sign up if you are thinking about getting one of these boxes for yourself to add some sparkle to your  holiday season wardrobe.

as always you can add this bracelet to your first box for free by using the code "SPARKLEBOX"at checkout

Click Here to head on over to the Your Bijoux Box webpage to check them out or get a box of your own!

Once again the ladies over at Your Bijoux Box have kindly offered to sponsor a giveaway box  for the readers here at The Dragon Slayer Mommy click here to enter the giveaway

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