Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October Sock Panda

October Sock Panda Review

I will admit that I love getting ,y sock panda package every month, I still couldn't tell you if I signed up for the bold socks or cool socks (it looks like maybe I signed up for cool sine these are pretty "mild" socks)

For those of you who don't know, Sock Panda is a monthly sock subscription that is for men or women and you can choose either "bold" or "cool" as the type you want to receive (or be daring and get both) Sock Panda only offers one sock in each style per month (So ONE women's bold, one women's cool and then a men's version in each style) That is how they keep quality high on these socks and keep you from paying more than it already costs which is $11 per month (although I signed up recently when I got an offer for $4.95 a month) I did find these socks on the company's web site (Stem socks) for $10.00 plus shipping.

I can honestly say I have never seen another pair of socks with Jellyfish all over them and as I have mentioned before I LOVE socks... I have more socks than most people could imagine. One of the "additional" medical conditions I have now is called Raynaud's and it causes my hands and feet to lose circulation and even turn purple not to mention they get EXTREMELY cold... I have been known to wear two or three pair of socks at a time.

I figure if I have to have yet another illness, at least this is one that I can "make better" by wearing funky and fun socks (and really in the grand scheme of things this illness isn't THAT bad) plus I love me some loud, bright, especially fuzzy socks!

OK, want to try Sock Panda for yourself? Click Here please make sure you put my name in the how did you hear about us field (Kimberlee Parkhouse)


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