Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October parenthood survival box

Recently I was given the opportunity to review a brand new box for new parents called Parenthood Survival Box which launched just this month and costs $34.99 a month and is available for boys, girls, or gender neutral boxes (it seems the only difference in the 3 boxes is color of items). This box is appropriate for babies upto 9 months old (although all but one item from the box Tuffy is using and he is 2 1/2 yrs old)

The Parenthood Survival Box sends useful, helpful, innovative and creative baby items right to your door...perfect for the first time parent who is overwhelmed by all the options available and experienced parents who simply do not have the time or energy to run around looking for the newest and greatest baby items.

This box was the launch box for  Parenthood Survival Box, I am always super excited to get launch boxes or pre launch boxes because I truly have no idea what to expect at all...
I received this a couple weeks ago, so there wasn't even any spoilers out there for this box yet... I love the suspense of waiting to see what a new box is going to do!

This was the first "real  look" into my box (I knew this was a "baby" box for 9 months and under and I selected a boy box and that was all I knew at all before opening this box!

The info Sheet for Parenthood Survival Box is a nice big standard size sheet of paper with a very nice detail of the items included in the box.

Angel Dear Swaddle (Owl Boy) $16.00- This 47X47 size  muslin swaddle is adorable! Tuffy is obviously way too old for swaddling but this is a perfect lightweight blanket to use in his crib or to throw in the diaper bag for naps on the go. It would also make the perfect shower gift (although I am totally finding someway to use this myself because I just love it) I was looking through the Angel Dear website and their napping blankets are too perfect (although the dinosaur one I want is on backorder...I am getting on a waitlist if I can figure out how)

Indestructible Book ( Jungle Rumble)  $ 4.46-  How did I not know about these when Tuffy was still a "baby" too perfect... these are made for babies to "read" as babies do...with their hands and mouth... it won't tear and is 100% washable! Very Bright and Colorful pictures but no works (it is really just for baby to "read") I did try to tear it and couldn't so that's pretty cool! This will make a prefect gift for Peanut!

Parent's Night Out babysitter pads by knock knock $ 6.50 These are handy little preprinted pads that have fill in the blanks for everything from in case of emergency call to  pre sleep rituals... I guess this would be really helpful for  leaving your little one with a babysitter (sadly Tuffy never stays with anyone other than my mom twice while we ate dinner and once over night...and those were all after he was a year old) I don't have any use for these myself but if I actually had a life and went anywhere I can see that these would be really helpful... This will make a perfect shower gift for sure!

Baby Legs leg warmers (Fly Away) $12.00 - I love the cute airplane design of these leg warmers and let me tell you these are not just for babies... they are great for toddlers working on potty training! Perfect for chilly days or just a nice cool A/C.

Tuffy wearing his baby legs we received in the box...he loves the airplane design , These are actually perfect for potty training, even if they are meant for little babies...although Tuffy is very big for his age so I think they would fit most 28 month olds better than this... I love these when we are at home his legs don't get chilly from the A/C and I don't have to worry about him getting his pants down in time. Funny thing is I didn't use them when he was crawling when most moms do use them I never tried them until potty training and that was only because I had some ere from review boxes and he was saying his legs were cold...

CHILL, Baby pacifier $8.33- this pacifier has a cute little volume control button on it...  This will also make an adorable gift!

All totaled my parenthood survival box was valued at $ 47.29, which is well over the $34.99 cost of the box. I have to say that I completely loved the first box from this new baby box company.This may become my new go to baby shower gift because it has such a wide range of items and as you see my 2 yr old was even able to use some items so it isn't necessarily items that baby will outgrow quickly either.

Click Here to subscribe for yourself or to just checkout their page a little more

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