Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Olio Luxe Box

It's not much of a secret that I love my Olio Luxe bags/boxes/happiness mailers....whatever you choose to call it... I  LOVE IT...

I already knew the shipment would be mailed a bit later this month because the owner , Amanda had been waiting on her Soldier husband to come home from deployment.... there was much needed family time for a few day before she went back to work on boxes!!!

but worth the wait....

The October Box was beyond worth the wait and far different from anything we have seen from Miss Amanda and Olio Luxe so far (although the April box is STILL my  personal favorite box, this one is a very close second) 

To kick off the fall/winter season Olio Luxe handed us an entirely new box from what we have come to expect (and in a very good way)

Mani & Pedi essentials...

but not your typical "nail box" at all...

As with most Olio Boxes of late there is a nice typed sheet giving the break down of the box, it's contents and a heartfelt explanation from creator and founder Amanda letting us know why she chose the items in the box and how she created them.

As with the majority of the monthly offerings from Olio Luxe the items sent to loyal subscribers are brand new products not yet available for purchase on the company's online store at this time (talk about your subscriber perks!!! sometimes things are debuted in the monthly box and will be available for purchase in a few weeks and sometimes they are simply subscriber exclusives...but they are always worth having... on rare occasions an established favorite or best seller will make it's way in to the monthly box (and I love it when that happens myself) but typically this is where you will find the items that are being considered for general public.

handmade 5 free mixed metal polish $12
 this looks kinda like UT orange in the bottle but has more of a rose/gold tint to it when it is applied .... which made this Aggie happy... I am a Texan, but no burnt orange here., although hubby loves all things burnt orange and that bison that goes along with , I like Miss Reveille the Collie! Gig em'!!!
You can tellin the pics above and below that this is not a UT polish :)

Ultra-softening hand mask/scrub $6 for this  travel size. 
This is made with oats, dead sea salt, lavender flowers, rosebuds,arrowroot powder, rose clay white kaolin clay, rose hips and sumac berry powder... simply add a small amount of water to make a paste... I have several of the masks , scrubs and clay from Olio Luxe and so far they have been great this one will be too I am sure.

Sweet Orange & Ylang Ylang cuticle balm $10 - 
I had actually been using a different Olio Luxe  product for my cuticles prior to this (I won't tell...) so I think this was made for me.... AND my recent top 10 had a body oil of orange & Ylang Ylang (although I use it for hair not body...but that's another post) This "cuticle balm" can actually be used anywhere you need some softening (think elbows)
Obviously since I am already using this scent on my hair I am pretty partial to it...but Ylang Ylang CAN be a bit overpowering for some (I personally think that combining it with orange essence seems to soften it up just enough and creates a scent that I love for my hair and now my hands.

professional nail file $3.00
Olio Luxe even through a well known file to keep your nails looking their absolute best and this file should last a good amount of time.
Any lady knows you need a good quality file in every bag you own as well as in pretty much the major rooms of the this was a nice touch...

All totalled the October Olio Luxe Box was valued at $31.00, which is still a great deal with the cost of a monthly box $24 (including shipping)  
As I already said April 2013 was my favorite box (because it introduced me to my personal holy grail product ... Rose Gold Luxe facial oil)  I do think this mani/pedi box may be my 2nd favorite box though because it makes me excited about the new polish line that is coming (separate from Olio Luxe) but still from Amanda and company... the thought /possibility of getting the Olio subscription I love PLUS an indie polish sub as well from the same founder makes me a HAPPY girl!!! 

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