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October My Muse Box Review (New Box) and discount code

My Muse Box is a brand new beauty box that unlike most boxes ships every other month at a cost of $29.99 every shipment (the equivalent of $14.99 a month) they also have multiple month packages available with discounted rates. 

My Muse Box kindly offered to send me a box for review purposes and I of course was more to review this box for ya'll

I like the idea of a box that ships every other month, simply because some people can't afford a monthly box (or have too many monthly boxes as the case may be) but a quarterly box is simply TOO long to wait between boxes so every other month seems pretty perfectly spaced and to my knowledge this is the only every other month beauty box available (that being said after receiving this box I would TOTALLY love ot monthly)

Since this is my first review of My muse box I thought I would try to let you see the entire experience start to finish!

My box arrived very quickly (I think like 3 maybe 4 days after I received shipping notification) 

Quick shipping always makes me happy and say what you will about the post office it beats the heck out of DHL or smart post anyday!

Once I opened the shipping box I was surprised (and delighted) to find that My Muse Box was actually in  this brilliant little black bag (yes, I am easily amused..but I liked the presentation it gave and was a nice surprise since I had not seen any reviews or unboxing and didn't know what to expect) let's see what goodies this little surprise bag had in store for me...

 Pink Beauty Sponge (I don't think it is a actual beauty blender) I am guessing on the price since I do not know the brand $5.00- I am happy to see this in my box,
 I gifted my actual beauty blender and have regretted it since so I will be loving getting a chance to experience with this one
Please leave some advice on how to use a beauty sponge for the best look, or different ideas for type of usage sine I really am new to this type of sponge usage.

Prada reviving bio-firm concentrate/face serum 0.4 oz $8.00- I will admit until I received this from My muse box I did not know this even was in existence, I also thought this tiny vial was a typical cheap sample vial...boy was I wrong on that one!!!
 (I really do NOT live under a rock ... I swear!)
Anyways this a very expensive little vial of serum... I assumed it was simply because of the Prada name, but it actually is a pretty good good "emergency serum" by that I mean when I "need" to look well rested and fresh faced and quick (especially post treatment or after going several nights with little or no sleep) This really does make me look great without the addition of makeup
But here's the thing... it smells in really I can't stand the smell...I will continue to use it as a beauty 911 because IT WORKS, but it will never be a daily use serum because of the smell (and the price obviously) I do suggest if you are looking for this start with e-bay because you can get a box of 10 0.4ml vials at a decent price (and be well stocked , share with friends or gift if you would like)

Smashbox lip enhancing mega gloss true color in the shade petal pink $18.00 (just a heads up the color is MUCH prettier in real life, nothing I did captured the color exactly right) This has a super cushy applicator and the gloss feels great on (I don't like a super sticky gloss) I think most of you know I am a big lip product girl... Smashbox makes some of my favorite glosses and this one was a shade I didn't already have as luck would have it and I really like this color.

Hamadi Lemon Mint Hair Wash 2 oz $4.82- This is yet another product I have not seen or heard of before receiving it ion my muse is made with peppermint, green mint, white cedar and lemongrass essential oils and plant extracts. It is a daily shampoo  and color protector for color treated hair. I am always happy to try new hair items (my favorite kind of beauty product actually is typically hair goodies) The added bonus of this being an all natural products is pretty nice too (I would not have picked this scent for myself as a hair product... it doesn't smell bad, but it just isn't my prefered scent... although over all it is a nice shampoo and I  do look forward to trying it on a different scent) 

MD formulations Critical Care foil Packets - I am not a fan of foil packets as most of you know , but since the rest of the box was full size items I won't hold the foil packets against My Muse Box (although I also will not count them towards the box value since I am considering it a "free bonus"  There was two of these in the box so at least it is enough to really give it a try and decide if you want to pay for it (it is pretty pricey so the foil packets are understandable even if they are not my personal  preference....most people may not dislike the foil packaging as much as I do)
I haven't tried these yet, but I plan to toss them in my overnight bag so they will be there on our next quick getaway sine I ALWAYS forget my serum and night cream.

Hard Candy Eye tattoo smokey eyeshadow appliques $12.95 
I think I "knew" these were out there, but have never sued them myself, and I am not sure why that is... I am not the best at doing eyeshadow now that I can't wear contacts anymore (for medical reasons) because I really can't see that well without my glasses even in my amplified makeup mirror (yes, time for a better mirror I think)
This set comes with 3 eyeshadow sets, an applicator brush and a setting powder... I am still not certain how to apply this to achieve the correct "smokey eye" look but I will be doing an experiment with these this week while the little one is napping and let ya'll know what I think of them...they seem like they are fool proof (aka...even "I" can do it)

****I found this is every price range imaginable but those on the less expensive end of the scale had  shipping was even more than the cost of the product to purchase so it ended up just as expensive in the end...just a quick explanation if you Google the price yourself) also I go with the Amazon price 9 times out of 10 (the actual Amazon price with Amazon Prime , not a third party shipper when available just for consistency purposes..I know if I stick to one place for my prices it all evens out in the end, as always please shop around for the best deal when YOU order something I know I do ... I try to get ALL review prices from Amazon prime unless it is just a great deal on sale somewhere....which is why I noted the price difference here on this review since the prices did vary a great deal but with shipping they were all in this price range for the most part.****

All totalled the first ever My Muse Box was valued at $48.77 (foil packets not included) The cost of this box is $29.99 so it is definitely worth the money. I received pretty much all items that are new to me and items I was excited to try (The Smashbox was not a new to me product, but the color was new and smash box is a major favorite so I was super excited to receive it...full size lip items will ALWAYS make me happy) 

So tell me what did ya'll think of the new My Muse it something you want to try? Do you like the idea of a box that ships every other month instead of monthly?

Want to try it out for yourself (or just poke around their's actually a kind of fun site) just click HERE to head on over to see it all for yourself...

NOw here is the deal I know ya'll were all waiting to see... use code "DRAGON" at checkout to take 20% off your purchase...this code is good for 100 readers so make sure you hurry...and share it with your will basically take $5.00 off your order (if you do a one box trial and I assume that is what most of you will do)

Tell me what you think of My Muse Box...

I think it is different that the other boxes out there, the mix of items was unexpected and as I said mostly items I had never tried before or didn't eve know about with the added bonus of including one of my favorites in a full size too...and that is always a good thing!

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