Friday, October 25, 2013

October Love With Food

One of the boxes my family looks forward to every month is Love With Food. My oldest daughter, hubby and I are complete foodies and even my youngest daughter, Tuffy and the princes's boyfriend like to see what is in the little red box (we get 3 every month and sometimes everyone gets one) 
This box is only $10 a month plus $2.00 shipping so it is one of the more affordable boxes and now that Goodies is closed it is the most affordable food box on the market.

The Them For OCtober is Scary Delicious, and although I don't see the "scary" in the box I definitely see the "delicious"  as usual it was jam packed full of items and you have to wonder how on earth they get so much into this box!

let's look at the yummy snacks I received this month...

Pizzelle Crisps crispy waffle cookies-  these are good little crispy bites and only 100 calories...they are not "indulgent great" , but good considering the whole bag is just 100 calories... not my fav of the seemingly new waffle cookies craze but not bad either...

New World caveman cookies- these are all natural grain free paleo cookies and they are the bomb!!! My ONLY change would be to use craisins instead of raisins...but other than that these are bites of perfection! (Guess what I am using some Love With Food points to buy?)

Pixeo Pearls Apple Cider vinegar pearls- I don't think you can tell in this photo but inside the liquid of the bag are little clear "pearls" I am a huge user of apple cider vinegar , but have never seen these before... I think I will be using them in a salad...or maybe on some collard greens.

Dang Toasted coconut chips- these are not new to me, we have received them in quite a few of my boxes (usually the vegan or gluten free boxes I think) We are huge fans of these and they are quite addictive (I have never been able to just eat a few...usually a bag is finished in a day)

Happy family's happy squeeze- this is a blueberry, apple and purple carrot pouch...Tuffy is evidently into pouches again (he wouldn't touch them for about 6 months) so I am sure he will love this and I am kinda curious about it myself..purple carrot... how do I not know about that..

Kind bars- we received the cranberry almond which happens to be my personal favorite Kind bar... I should mention that I buy Kind bars every trip to Sprout so obviously we love them...

Glee natural Gum - this is triple berry flavor... I am not a big gum fan but my hubby is a gumm addict so he is happy to have this.

Torie & Howard organic hard candies- I received the blood orange ones in a yuzen box but this was the first time I tried the pear and cinnamon version and I MUST HAVE MORE as in I bough two of the 2 tins sets from Love with food already (and I don't plan to share)


I don't do a price breakdown on Love with Food because I definitely feel I get my $10 value every month especially when you add in the points you earn for reviewing the products on their site that you can use to purchase items as well.
This review is of their regular box, they now offer a deluxe box that has 16-20 items in it.

Another great things about love with food is for every box sold they donate a meal.

CLICK HERE to subscribe to Love With Food, Check out their site or purchase items from their shop

use code "FB7OFF" to get $7 off your first order (so $5 for regular box as shown here or $15 for the deluxe box including shipping)

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  1. Wish I hadn't cancelled my subscription, as this is a great box! Totally love pizzelle cookies! Enjoy!