Friday, October 25, 2013

October Julep

JULEP MAVEN October The Rebel Set

So I totally spaced on reviewing this box until I received my most recent order (not the Nov box, but a separate order but I will review it next...)

This was the October  (The Rebel set) Classic With  a Twist subscription box (sorry about it being so late... I really though I had reviewed it already)

I am usually a classic with a twist or boho glam (I think my profile NOW says boho glam and used to say Classic With a Twist)

I also got one add on polish this month ...I wanted more, but I have several polish subs now and to be honest wal wall polish shelf is full and I need I "wanted more" but didn't NEED more...and I do NEED a second wall polish rack.

Winona- "buff greige creme"  is the official description...I will say it is a pretty gray/tan polish I think it will go well with may of my sweater and definitely several pair of my boots!

Anisa- Deep Burgundy creme- this is a beautiful red... looks like a red wine and I love that it is a creme because most of my reds are a shimmer or love love!

Kajal eye glider- this is a double edged eye pencil with black on one end and brown on the other... I am sure it is probably more exciting than that to someone who loves eye liner but I have SOOO many eyeliners from various boxes and I seldom wear eyeliner... I really would have prefered the bare faced oil cleanser again (or almost anything else) but that is JUST me... I actually think my daughter will LOVE this...she is really into eyeliner and I GUESS if that's your thing the fact that it is two colors in one is kinda handy...obviously I am gifting this to the princess. 

I almost went with it girl this month so I wouldn't get the eyeliner but I really liked the colors in Classic with a twist and just added on the one I couldn't live without.

Valerie- teal with an iridescent micro glitter,  My photo just can not capture this color...I like it even more at home than I did when I ordered it... it is unlike any polish I have and I have quite a collection... this will be such a pretty color this winter. I simply HAD to add this one on... I couldn't let it go...

So what did you think about the October Julep collection? What box did you get and which add ons...tell me because I kam already regretting not getting the entire collection...

CLICK HERE to get your own Julep subscription...the best part about Julep is that the first box is FREE (just pay shipping which is like $3 I beleive) use code "FREEBOX" and you will get your first box free (you choose your box from 5 possible boxes...pretty cool) 

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