Sunday, October 20, 2013

October Ipsy review

This month's Ipsy theme was the Art of Beauty and most of the possible items for this month were pretty great over all.

For those who are not familiar with Ipsy it is a monthly beauty subscription that is $10 per month and ALWAYS valued at well over the month cost... you  fill out a profile to help determine the products you receive (they have like 15 products every month that come in a variety of colors but you will only get sent 5 items that "best fit" your profile including the colors that best fit your profile.

I am big on hair products (and my profile shows that) I almost always get a hair item...but if you don't like it then say so... There is always an item everyone gets no matter what (just in a variety of colors) regardless of profile this month everyone received a fall colored Polish in different colors even if polish was not high on their profile list...make sense?...

so with  Ipsy you get 5 beauty products AND a new cosmetic bag every month for $10.00...for someone new to boxes or on a tight budget just wanting an inexpensive monthly splurge for themselves (or perhaps think a gift subscription for the holidays) 

I loved the actual bag this month (the saying on it was awesome and perfect for my oldest daughter)

OK, so let's check out MY bag..

Zoya polish -Mason full size ($8.00) This month everyone received a Zoya polish (a 5 free polish for those who are picky about that)  Although everyone received Zoya it was sent in varying fall colors..mine was Mason (purple) This photo just doesn't do it justice but the photos at top and bottom of the page show the real beauty of this polish which is kinda a plum colored metallic.
Although I have various purple polishes, and a few metallic purples even, this one is just got more "oomph" I think is the way to put it... I don't need it but I am so happy to add it to my collection!

Sexy Hair- spray Clay  1.4 oz ($4.60) This is a texturing spray/ hair spray...not quite a hair spray and not really like my sea salt spray either.. if I had to choose between the two I would say more like a hair spray.
Many reviews I have read comment o the nice smell... I don't agree... it smells "OK" but the sea salt texturing spray I use smells of coconut so maybe I am just "spoiled".  
I will not be buying this one, I love my current sea salt spray, but this will be a good item to keep in the guest bathroom for visitors to use if they need to "freshen up"

Nourish organic coconut & Argan lotion 1 oz  ($1.25) This is a Target exclusive product it seems... I had not seen/heard of this before but I like it quite a bit~
I can't say the smell really is a coconut smell (actually there isn't much of a scent) It is very moisturizing ,didn't leave a greasy residue ,absorbed quick...and call me crazy but it seemed to leave a bit of a shimmer behind (like not a pole dancer look...just a very slight shimmer that I only noticed because i was examining my hands/arms after applying it since I was working on the review)

I will totally use this and add it to my rotation of lotions and body moisturizers... I actually think I have either a lotion tube or moisture stick in almost every room of the house as well as both diaper bags and my purse (My meds REALLY dry my skin out so I need to moisturize frequently) It is very affordable and since target is a frequent stop, it will be easy to grab to stock up.

Ofra Sultry Lipgloss and Plumper full size ($12.95) I couldn't find the name/number of the color on this and when I looked at the Ofra page it looked like there was just this one shade for this particular product which struck me as unusual... That being said I like the color, I don't typically use a lip plumper though since I have really full lips so it isn't "needed" I am debating gifting this ...maybe
GASP: I know I don't "gift" my lipglosses...pretty much EVER, but I have a similar colored gloss and I know a few people who would LOVE this and since I don't NEED a plumper....that being is SOOO "my color" as in the PERFECT color for me this time of year so I might keep it, it's so hard to give up a lip gloss...

ole henriksen truth serum collagen booster 0.25 oz ($12.00) - I added this into my routine for the last week for the review and I really do like this serum... I like the feel, the smell, the softness of my skin the next morning and it works quite well!... I actually think all things considered for a Collagen booster serum it is priced about mid range for this quality of serum, nit that I "like the price" but it isn't the most expensive one there is either ... I I actually have a pretty extensive collection of this type product right now so I won't be buying right now BUT it is on the short  list of serums I will buy when I run out of  the ones I already have.


All totalled my October Ipsy bag was valued at $38.80...WAY more than the $10 cost of the bag and I am really liked all but the hair clay stuff... Ipsy has a waiting list so get your name on the list NOW if you think you will want to subscribe (I think I was on wait list about 6 weeks) you don't  actually pay unless you  subscribe when they email you that a spot opened up and you are off the waitlist so my suggestion is just on the waitlist as soon as you can to get in on some great fall/winter items as we head into the new season.

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