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October The I.N.N. Box

October I.N.N. Box by Inzuri

a couple weeks ago I received my INN box and somehow I had forgotten about it until today when I was doing reviews and I found it with the boxes I still needed to review (although Inuzuri allows you to choose your collection or you can choose surprise me if you would like) I had chosen my collection but I did it back in September and completely forgot what I had chosen so opening it today WAS a surprise. For Next month's box I chose the suprise me option (the selection window is up already  and it ships the second week of the month)

This is one of those boxes I get, but don't really review often (I have to choose not to review some of the boxes I get sometimes because I just run out of time... I get a LOT of boxes...although just to clarify I DO review ALL boxes that are sent to me for review purposes, it's just the ones I subscribe to that sometimes doesn't get reviewed)

I have stayed pretty much on top of my October boxes and I haven't reviewed this in awhile so I though I would do it for you today...these colors are too pretty not to tell you about! I think I have finally got my reviews back on schedule...I was pretty sick there for awhile and it just threw the blog all out of whack and that is when I had to make decisions to not review some items that I had subscribed to.

The I.N.N box comes nicely packaged and wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper every month. There are always 3 colored polishes included (you get to choose your selection from one of 3 collections available every month or you can let them surprise you) they also include some beauty/fashion items every month as well (last month was my favorite for the extra bonus items it was Kashmir shampoo and hair mask..which I liked so much I bought some also had something else that I don't remember but if i don't remember it wasn't that great I guess)

One think to remember about  the I.N.N. ox is that it is a variety of polish brands that they offer so some months are more "valuable" polishes than others or one collection may be worth more than another based on the brands used for that collection...also they don't necessarily say that all polish will be 4 free, 5 free or whatever...BUT you DO get to choose which collection that you get so you have some control over that yourself...but I wanted to say that upfront since that is a big topic of discussion on this box

that and they "extra items" seem to be all over the place value... some months GREAT value and some not so much... but they have ALWAYS been about $20 or so over the cost of the box from what I remember so you DO definitely get your money's worth

OOK...I think that is it...since I haven't reviewed it in a while that should catch you up to speed...

the options for October were:
From Harvard to Oxford

Smoke & Mirrors

Velvet Romance

For October's box I choose the Velvet Romance Collection, I had a really tough time choosing but in the end this was my choice.

Every month is Oktoberfest by OPI- $8.00

Tongue & Chic by China Glaze - $4.48

Aruba Blue by Essie- $5.55

Those are the polishes that were in the Velvet Romance Collection I had chosen and what I "knew" was coming even if I had forgotten...

so the extra items that are the surprise part this month...

Sprout Non Toxic Raindrop clear $7.49

Broo Smoothing Shampoo 2 oz $ 3.25- smells yummy
Broo Smoothing Conditioner 2 oz $ 3.25-smells yummy
the scent on this is called Silky Spice and OMG it smells amazing.. I wasn't really in the market for a new Shampoo and conditioner again but if Inzuri is gonna keep sending really cool ones I will just wait and see what they send before I buy more in the future (Lord knows I have plenty of Shampoo and conditioner around here from boxes anyway that I really should use up) If this stuff works as well as it smells I am in for a real claims to go from frizzy to sleek...but I have heard that before too...

Shibue Strapless Panty (in size S/M and M/L) $28.00

Ok, so these I don't understand... at all... they seem to be "stick on panties" it says they are washable  & reusable with 100% silicone adhesion..and run $14 each...

it shows them worn under a wedding dress and says it is to prevent panty lines... perhaps if I was 20 years younger and 40 pounds thinner I would understand this a little more, but  that's what they are... 

I don't see myself using these at all...and I don't see myself attempting to go to the bathroom with stick up panties...seriously can you imagine the scene at the club bathroom ... 3 or 4 ladies all trying to get someones panties stuck back on... too funny...but not for me!

All totalled my  October I.N.N. box by Inzuri  was valued at $60.02 which is far beyond the $24.50 cost of the box...although the two pair of strapless panties I gotta say are useless for me even with the cost of those removed I am still come out well ahead so I am happy.

I have to know, has anyone tried the strapless stick on panties...please tell me...

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  1. I did Surprise Me and ended up with Smoke & Mirrors which I love. I do agree about the strapless panties - using the bathroom with them seems rather ridiculous.