Friday, October 25, 2013

October Dr D's Pet package (launch Box)

such a GREAT First Box !!!

my pups all give this four paws up!

One of the boxes that arrived last week was the new Dr D's Pet Package (for dogs, they do offer a box for cats as well) Dr D's paet package offers a wide variety of boxes for bot cats and dogs for every budget ranging from $19.00 to $49.00 per month and also have an adorable selection of very soft snuggle fleece pet blanket for $28.99 for a small or a large for $38.99 and you can even have it personalized.
Dr D's Pet Package was kind enough to offer a box of my choice for review purposes(cat or dog) the box offered was the Dr D's happiness pet package which is their mid range box ($29.00) I eventually chose the dog package since I have 4 dogs and only 1 cats, but I WILL be trying the cat box as well (Baby kitty deserves some spoiling too) I think I will make it his Christmas gift (yes, my furry kids get gifts too)

Let's see what was in my Dr D's Happiness Pet Package (for dogs), shall we:

Yap Cap by Pet Projekt-  $7.74 - I received this is blue. I have purchased similar products before, but this one is a bit different (in a good way) This ingenious little contraption screws onto a water bottle (or 2 liter bottle) and makes it a squeaky toy, the included cover for the water bottle is cute and to be honest my pups will like it to toss around by it's self so I get two toys in one... I know I didn't explain this correctly but it is pretty awesome.

HoloBon chew toy by Petprojekt $14.00 - this is a great chew toys on it's own (I have 3 very aggressive chewers so I love a toy than can hold up to the intense chew) but you can use it as a training tool and add treats in the slots on the toy... I also use it to help keep the pups entertained when I have to go to the Dr., I try to leave them with interactive toys to keep them from getting bored and destructive when I leave the house.

MultiPet 20' bouncy no stuffing dog toy $12.52- We LOVE no stuffing dog toys in this house (with 4 extra large breed of dogs sometimes play time can cause a snow like look in the house in just minutes) This one is the type of toy that has a tennis ball in the head of the toy (perfect timing they just "killed" the shark we received in a different box this past summer)

Zuke's Z-Filets grilled venison recipe 3.25 oz $3.89- these grain free snacks are healthy little goodies (my pups all love them and give 4 paws up.This was the first time we have received these and they were a huge hit, they will be added to the pup shopping list.

Primal Freeze Dried liver munchies 2 oz $6.99- these are already a favorite extra special treat in our house (and I plan to use these for the girl's service training so I was very happy to get a bag in my box)For those who have not used these before they only ingredient is turkey liver...nothing else... 

handmade soft and snuggly fleece dog blankie $ 28.99- This was a nice added surprise ion my box (These will not be in most boxes, but ARE available for purchase on the Dr D's Pet package webpage, there WAS talk about the possibility of this being a gift for purchase of a 3 month subscription...not sure if that is still in the plans or not) I absolutely LOVE this is so soft and snuggly... I want one for myself and to be honest I would be perfectly OK with this bone pattern too.

This is just a photo to show the other side of the snuggly fleece side is a bone pattern the other is a solid tan (perfect color for my pups since they are all yellow/fawn/brown) 

My Miss Libby is a very happy little girl right now, she claimed this blankie as her own and is trying to claim the fox as well (but I think Miss Reba will win that battle eventually) 

Dr D's happiness Pet Packagefor October (the launch box) was valued at a whopping $ 74.13 which is an awesome bargain since the box is $29.00 without the blankie it was still worth $ 45.14 (I am pricing both because I don't think boxes in the future will include the blankies...I think that was just for review purposes since the blankies are an item for sale...but TOTALLY a great blankie) even at $45.14 this is an incredible bargain with a monthly cost of $29 for THIS box, but remember they have a variety of boxes ranging from $19 to $49 a month and have packages for both cats and dogs.if you are looking for a new pet box I would give this one a try.

***this box was received free for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are that of my own or my 4 pups***