Thursday, October 31, 2013

October citrus lane

One of the boxes I get for Tuffy every month is Citrus Lane, it's a nice variety of items usually (I did age him up by 3 months just because back when I paid for the subscription he was kind of on the edge of a "box group age wise and I would rather him get stuff he can grow into age wise than too young...but now he's in the same box group either way so it really doesn't matter)

I was actually REALLY excited about the box this month, I had seen some other boxes and was really hoping that we got a similar box to what I had seen...and we did...woohoo!

Cloud B Dreamz to go (octo blue) $19.95- this is a smaller version from the dream lites collection and like the bigger version it projects stars and fish (blowing bubbles) on the ceiling/wall but can be taken on the go as well (perfect for vacations)...I LOVE this... I had been wanting to get Tuffy a dream lites for Christmas and when this came in it was a super bonus... this is is small and cute but has the same soothing effect...woo it when boxes work out this way!

BabyBug magazine & digital subscription ($2.83 print magazine & $4.50 digital subscription) - I actually received Babybug about a year ago from another box I think (maybe Bluum) anyways...we like it actually...the digital subscription is for 3 months, I would have rather had the actual magazine for another 3 months instead of digital...but I will download it to my iPad and have it for Dr appointments and stuff like that...this magazine is really like a book kinda...Iit isn't a typical magazine at all.

Rhythm Sticks by Hohner Kids $4.00- This is the one item in the box I wish we had received a different these what you want to call them they are drum sticks... Do you know what happens when you given a very hyper 2 yr old Drum sticks? I am all for musical learning and I support teaching instruments... I even bought my youngest  daughter -Kitty Kat-(now 20) her first electric guitar and amp at age 4 (yes, I am a "cool"  mom)... but drum sticks at age 2..heaven Help me!

Sea Salt Bops baked organic potato snacks $1.00- never gonna complain about sea salt anything!

all totaled my October Citrus Lane box was worth $32.28, not bad for a box that runs $25 a month (although I paid a little less because of the discount for a 6 month subscription) and even thought I am not 100% crazy about the drum sticks everything IS stuff we will use.. and I promise the princess (who always wanted a drum set) WILL make sure that Tuffy gets the dang drum sticks and likely the drums to go with it just for good measure...

If you want to get your munchkin/grand-munchkin (or I guess baby brother or baby brother/sister) a Citrus Lane box  (and you KNOW that you do) using my link HERE will save you $10 off your box (so it will be $15 for the box) you can also try the code "TAKEHALF" and see if it still works which would bring the box down to $12.50

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