Monday, October 21, 2013

October Birchbox

Birchbox for October was themed "Beauty Buzz"  and included award winning products and celeb favs!
I don't always "feel" the theme with my Birchbox..but that's OK because I am "usually" happy with my box

I thought I would answer a question that comes up a lot in various chat groups...I actually answered my profile honestly instead of trying to "change profile to get a "better" bag... I figured if I did't answer honestly although my bag MIGHT be worth less money it wouldn't be stuff I actually wanted or would use and at the end of the day it's about what "I" will use from a box...anyway that is my thoughts on changing your BB profile to get a "good" that being said... do your profile however YOU want to do it...YOU are the one that ultimately will have to "live with what you get" if the profile change works for you then go for it...

So...on to MY bag this month (not the best pictures I have ever taken...not even sure  what happened , other than I was stuck in bed when I did the photos and the lighting isn't best in there.. I have no excuse because I am clueless)

Stainiac by The Balm Cosmetics in Beauty Queen $2.48  my first thought when seeing this was "wow" it's dark, but I actually think it is the perfect winter shade for both lips and cheeks...although I would use it on lips year round... This stuff has some serious staying power! I swatched it on my arm one evening while I was in bed working on blog stuff ...the next morning even after washing my face and running my arm under the faucet it stayed put until I scrubbed it off... I will be loving this staying power of this with all the coffee I drink. I think the full size may be my next Birchbox points purchase!

Alison Raffaele Reality Base Foundation shade #3 ($3.50)- Ok so I will admit I am TOTALLY guessing on the value of this sample... it was very small...the full size is $38.00 but I don't really know the actual "size" breakdown on the sample if that makes since to do the math on the sample (I gifted the sample already) if anyone knows the math please tell me and i will update the review

Anyway...this was a nice foundation that was light and I didn't realize I had it on but it simply wasn't the right shade for me so I gifted it to someone who could use it.

Sheaterra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap $4.00- I have actually received this before in a couple of my all natural/organic boxes. I really enjoy this cleanser although I don't use it daily (I use it a couple times a month although I do think many could use it daily if they wished) I have several bottles of this still and was more than happy to see another bottle (although the princess was here when it was opened and called "dibs" on this one) 

DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer $25.00 - Wowzers...really $25 for this sample (I did the math several is right!) I absolutely love the packaging on this it is an exact mini version of the full size which makes me just love it (the full size is 1.7 oz for $85, this sample is 0.5 oz which is actually a very generous sized sample) I was actually using a serum from anther box the last week or so for a review so I just started this one last night but I do like the smell and feel of it...

now the bad adorable little bottle leaked in shipping...not so bad that it was all over everything in the box...but it did leak enough that I did last nights application by wiping off the bottle and there is still enough on the outside of bottle for another application or two (hey, when a SAMPLE is $25 value you use the serum even if it IS on the outside of the bottle) I will email Birchbox about it...seriously other than the leaking this might be my favorite BB find ever...most of you know how brand loyal I am to my current products but this was impressive enough after one application that I am considering buying this ASAP...even if it DID leak in shipping and I am scraping off the bottle to sue it !

Chapstick Hydration Lock $2.99- This was a BirchBox find, which means that it is an item in all the boxes that everyone gets in addition to the "normal" box they would have received for the month based on profile and box number... I have received some awesome things in the past (actually then pen I am using at the moment is from a BB find bonus) I do include the BB find in my box value though since everyone received it and usually they are pretty awesome little finds too!

I personally am not a chapstick fan (I just really really am brand loyal to my lip balm... I use Olio Luxe or lypsyl unless I am working on a review and need to try another one out for a review... nothing against Chapstick I just love my current brands) My daughter's Boyfriend was very happy to take this off my hands since he IS a Chapstick fan and was in need of a new tube.

All totalled my October Birchbox was value at $37.97 which is AWESOME considering it is $10 a month for Birchbox (actually a little less for me since I pay for a year at a time and only pay $100 for the year plus get 100 BB points when I purchased it (100 points equal $10) PLUS every month I earn BB points for reviewing products I receive on the BB website and I get to cash the BB points in for full size products (and they actually add up very quickly!)

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  1. Nice box! I received different items and wasn't all that thrilled with them. Like you, I'm honest on my profile in the hopes that I'll receive items I'll actually use instead of going for the "best" box. Some months are great, and some are meh. This was a meh month, so looking forward to November!