Saturday, October 26, 2013

October bark box

I have to admit that so far my October Bark Box has been one of the ones that made fe think most of halloween... I do love that bark Box embraces the holidays (any holiday) remember the Bowser beer for the 4th of July Picnic...

This was the first look into my box...and I like what I see...

The Barkbox info card is always a eyeopener for me.
this is the actual text on the card:
"this month's selections is a celebration of the colors and flavors of fall. Whether it's all natural treats filled with a cornucopia of Autumn Produce or toys to enjoy in the crisp air , we think our pup might have a hard time deciding between their latest love: the new season or their new bark box(if our goodies extend playtime beyond an earlier sunset, we might have a fighting chance)
from Team Bark Box

this side of the card just lists items as does any info card.

I should mention here that this box is for large and extra large breeds of dogs (my smallest pup is Miss Libby at  58 pounds...the "girls" Reba and Madison will weigh over 130 each when full grown, but only about 70 pounds right now at 6 months old and my Romeo Love  who is a Sr Citizen is right about 100 these days as he is losing weight as he gets old)

Fruitables Halloween Dog treats share pack (8 pouches) $5.99 each pouch is 0.5 oz- this is a variety of the fruitable flavors for pups and mine love them and I love that they are packaged for Halloween... so glad I get 2 bark boxes so I have two bags of these...

American Dog Toy Fetch & Glow ball $11.50 (large) , Oh Man... this is perfect for my girls all 3 of them like to run and play outside we have a huge back yard and they run and run chasing balls...this one glows in the dark which means we can keep playing !

West Paw Bumi dog toy -large $ 15.00- it come sin assorted colors, it even floats on water (nice for summer months) but chewing on this cleans your pups teeth as well. this is a eco friendly toy made from 100% recyclable material.

Etta says Rabbit chew sticks 12" $1.99 - my dogs go berserk over these (we get them a lot and I store them up until I have for each dog)

Autumn Harvest by Baker's Best $8.12  (made in Canada) this was pretty much impossible to track down... seriously... a canadian friend gave me the price (in USD)  these are made with goat liver, pumpkin, oat flour, brown rice, dried cranberries, molasses, flaxseed, carrot,
Dogs are liking them just fine

All totalled my October bark Box was valued at $42.60, I have a 6 month subscription so my Bark Box cost right about $19 a month I think... this is one of those boxes the more you purchase at one the price goes WAY down You can also get a $5.00 off your first box just by using my referral code  which you do by clicking HERE no code needed... it will just automatically take $5.00 off

with the holidays coming u I just know they will have some adorable boxes because they do so well with holiday themes!

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  1. We received the same box, but my dog is a medium. Love the Bumi toy, and it's her new favorite! Love BarkBox!