Tuesday, October 1, 2013

new subscription boxes (with discount codes/free code) updated 10/2/13

I am trying to get into the habit of posting deals, flash sales, box news and some of my favorite sale sites once a week (for now all in one post and on Tuesdays... I may discover this needs to be broken in to several posts throughout the week but for now this is it)


e-sentials box - this is a new time of the month box that is reasonably priced (the 3 different boxes are $10,$13,$16) this is a box of what you NEED every month...pads/tampons, razors, deodorant and I also received some feminine wipes (I will have a review tomorrow) but I wanted to get this posted and give everyone the discount code... FREE BOX USING CODE "DRAGON" AT CHECKOUT.

My Muse Box- this is a new beauty box that will ship very two months for $29.99 (every 2 months billed) plans are discounted for lober subscriptions. The first box is the one currently being shipped.the box will have 4 to 5 items in a range of beauty items. use code "dragon"  at checkout...the first 100 readers to use "dragon" will get 20% off at checkout

sparaj box- this is a new spa box (you know I love a good spa box) this box is $40 a month (discounts for multiple month subscriptions) they already sold out of the pre launch limited edition box ahead of schedule and are taking orders for the November box already (so reserve your while you can) Trust me this box is worth the money! CODE "DRAGONSLAYER2013"  will save you $5.00 on a box until 12/31/13

DrD's pet package- this is a box for cats or dogs (yea, baby kitty is happy) they offer several different packages ranging from $19-$49

Batch Nashville- this is a local box that will have a variety of items cost id $30 per month. October is sold out reserve your November box now!

Quilty Box- This is a monthly box that will send you quilting supplies, patterns, fabric...pretty much all the goodies to inspire you  (and help you) to make your monthly quilting project... I have been assured there are tutorials available (you KNOW that I am not a crafty person) I am actually super excited about this one..I have always wanted to be a quilter but never knew where to start...they take care of that for me! CODE "DRAGON5" gets you $5.00 a box until the end of November

Kasten Pets Box- this is a new doggy box that sends a box STUFFED with doggy items, prices are 33 to 37 a box. This is a local company for me which is an added bonus ...BUT I am working on a review for this one and it was more toys than treats (which made me very happy) I know there are lots of pet boxes out there , but this one has a bigger toy ratio than the others so if your pup is a toy junkie this is your box!  Save $15 on a 3-month subscription. Code DRAGON15OFF 

Box Of Happies- This is a New Box that I think you will all be lusting after (first boxes shipped two days ago)You know I have a soft spot for boxes with handmade indie items with love from the artist who makes them specifically for the subscription box...that is EXACTLY what Box of Happies does...plus no long term commitment, you buy the box you want, when you want...They are $24.00 plus 4.99 shipping so a total of $28.99 a month for a box full of handcrafted items. CODE "5PERCENT" to save 5% off your purchase

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  1. Just signed up for e-sentials. Can't wait to get needed items delivered right to my door. Thanks for the code to get first box free.