Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Erin Condren planner is FINALLY ordered AND DISCOUNT CODE

Ok this is just a stock photo from the EC site....but this is the style I ordered ....I can't wait for it to Finally arrive....I honestly spent WEEKS trying to design this planner. 

CLICK HERE to get a $10.00 credit for Erin Condren... how did I NOT know there was a referral program...and WHY didn't someone tell me so "I" could have gotten the $10 off my order... is this a new thing? anyway... ladies (gentlemen?)  here is a chance to get a $10 discount on your order... I SOOOO wish I had know about this before I ordered mine 

originally I was planning rad plaid in pink/meat/gray but was afraid 7 or 8 months in I would be "over it" I have a lot of infusions, various Dr appointments, blog stuff and family stuff.... I HAD to get a planner that could handle everything plus have the extra bells and whistles I wanted....

So those of you who have one please tell me all about them (I actually had a May planner designed a tome point but decided to go this route even though it was $25 more for this one....

I am a "paper person" my electronic calendars and such are useless for me... I gotta write it down and know in a glance what my month looks like.

I will do an in depth review of this little piece of happiness once it finally arrives...keep in mind...mine will have my name on it but that's the only difference outside.

***ETA 10/17/13...added referral link and $10 credit offer***

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