Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Giveaway : a pair of earing from Box Of Happies (a box of Happies original)

Box Of  Happiness is offering a beautiful pair of their own Box Of Happies exclusive earrings... These were included in the first ever Box of happiness that just shipped this week.... Love the earrings and if this is an indication of things to come from them I will be a Box Of Happies Fan For Sure

This Giveaway ends on 10/31/2013

this is a little info from their webpage:

ox of Happies welcomes you to a unique gift-giving experience that is literally full of surprises!  The best thing about the surprises that you or a loved one will receive?  They are all handmade by talented artists!

We are beyond thrilled to offer you a unique monthly box subscription that allows YOU to pick the exact months and span of months you would like to receive your box full of handmade goodies!  Each Box of Happies contains
3 to 5 amazing handmade products - delivered straight to your doorstep!

​You might be asking yourself, "What exactly are 'happies?'"  Glad you asked! "Happies" are items designed to bring a smile to your face.  That being said, who wouldn't want a box full?  SUBSCRIBE SURPRISE SMILE!  : )

This may be the easiest giveaway you ever see on my blog... all I ask is that you share this with you friends... let's get the word out about Box Of Happiness and help them have a successful launch!!