Wednesday, October 2, 2013

FINALLY got me some mason jars with straws!!! SOOO cute


Sometimes it is a blessing to not get what you want WHEN you want it... many of you who are on the Box page with me on facebook KNOW that the top item on my ISO list for months and months has been rednick sippers mason jars with straws (from a box I missed from the Fancy) well... imagine my delight when I was checking Rue La La today (a normal daily activity, although I don't always find what I want/need at a good price...when I do it is always an AWESOME deal)

Today.... The Best Rue La La deal ever.... seriously I have been wanting these FOREVER and the added bonus of them having the little chalkboard to write names on makes it even BETTER than the ones I was searching for and trying to trade for all summer... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

'Chalk It Up' Set of 4 Jars with Straw
"Chalk It Up" Set of 4 Jars with Straw  $15.90

So I actually had a $25.00 Rue La La credit on my account (you know I like those credits/discount codes) So I got this for FREE... for those who don't shop Rue La La they charge $9.99 shipping (but it gives you free shipping for 30 days after you purchase so it's a good deal as long as you have a discount code, OR if you will buy more than once in a month...which I will this time... BUT since I had a $25.00 credit I was able to apply that towards shipping as well and I only paid a total of $0.85 for these plus free shipping for a month!! Seriously less than a dollar for the 4 mason jar sipper (with chalk board on them) plus shipping charges for the next about you "dollar menu"

Now her is the best part... they have a TON of stuff for $15.90 in the "living section" but also have a section in womens and mens under$30

So I WILL use them again over the next month to knock out Christmas gifts... I will show a few pics of items for $15.90 I have my eye on for gifts....since I have free shipping for the next 30 days I am stocking UP

Click Here to be taken to the Rue La La website, I can't even tell you how many items you can find under$30.00...TONS... you just have to look through each heading/sale but you can search by price... I sort low to high so I ONLY look at items I in the price range I want... I used to think Rue La La was too expensive (and many things ARE, but if you take your time and sort each sale by price you can find hundreds of very nice items at VERY reasonable prices)
Old Mountain Cast Iron Round Griddle
Cast Iron Round Griddle $15.90
Grey Marble Mortar & Pestle
Marble Mortar & pestle $15.90
Old Mountain Cast Iron Cow Grill Press
Cast Iron Grill Press $15. 90

'Tea Time' Apron
Tea Time Apron $15.90

Baker with Rack
Baker with rack $15.90

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  1. Those are awesome!!! My husband *might* kill me if I brought another mason jar straw cup into the house though!