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BEST OF: Summer boxes, my top 10 from summer 2013

I had planned to do a "best of" every month when I last did one...BUT, that was just not gonna happen so I will do one very few months...this one will pick up where the last Best of posy left off and cover June, July , August. 

If you missed my last "Top 10" you can read it was for the months of March, April and May 

These are not in any particular order:


Cosmo Creations Salted Caramel  $2.49 for 2oz,$4.99 for 6.5oz, and $8.99 for 16oz
(Goodies,Love with food,healthy surprise and tasterie all have sent these to me over the last few months)
OMG, these things are addictive and I DO mean highly addictive. I suggest just getting the 16 oz bag and get more than one because you WILL finish the bag almost instantly, it's baked doesn't taste like popcorn, it really kinda is in a snack class all it's own... so far I have not found these locally but I have been able to buy from Goodies and Love with food with my points (smaller bags) most recently ordered directly from the company and ordered the16oz bag.... these are sooooo good! Cosmo Creation does have other flavors, but I have only tried this, sea salt and butter one and the cinnamon crunch (and I really didn't like the cinnamon crunch, but I do like the sea salt and butter but I don't crave it and buy it buy the case like I did these)

Charming Pet Products - Corduroy Balloon Collection  Purple Elephant $9.99 , size large, I think
 These are less expensive right now than they were last time I looked... the entire collection (any size) is now $9.99... I absolutely LOVE everything in this collection... I think I am going to order the balloon animal dog and the lion. This Elephant has been through a LOT , no rips, no tears...and I have 3 very aggressive chewers...the corduroy material and the quality stitching keeps this toy put together instead of stuffing all over my living room...well worth the price, the reason I DO want more (besides the fact that they are adorable) is because I know that they are almost girls chew, tug and fight over this toy and it looks brand new (after a run in the washing dryer) I think I have pics of every dog with this elephant since they all love him (maybe I should post those)

Olio Luxe Spice Tea Body Wash $18.00
I don't think that anyone is surprised to see this on my list, pretty much everyone who has tried it loves it as much as I do AND I have never really tried to hide the fact that Olio Luxe is my favorite subscription box it was bound to show up on any top 10 I do (but seriously I use so many of my Olio items daily and it is SO much more than just "skincare" the heaving salve is also awesome for any of Tuffy's booboo's...ummm...ok I will stop this isn't a review... I will just say as will ALL of my Olio Luxe favs this one will totally rock your world and leave it at that!

Thai Coconut Beach Waves - 8 oz.

 The Gnarly Whale Beach Waves $12.00 this is a sea salt spray that makes my hair look awesome! What I didn't know until recently is that it comes in more than one fragrance (the link will take you to all options... I have always used the thai coconut , but think I will try the coconut lime next time. I received this the first time in a Green Grab Bag over the summer (maybe July or August) I don't remember if it was a regular Green Grab Bag or a Build your own box... either way, it came form green Grab bag, this is a MUST HAVE item for me (I have two bottles right now so I don't have to worry about doing members reading this ... this is on the christmas wish list as well... I don't think I will ever have enough of this! Oh and obviously since it is from Green Grab Bag it is all natural and eco friendly... BONUS!!! Not only does this give me soft bouncy curls that look natural and not "stiff and crunchy" but it smells great too, as I said I use the thai coconut because the two bottles I have I got through Green Grab Bag and they only had the one scent. (after getting the first one I added the second one to my next build your own bag as well) Now that I know other scents are available I want to try a couple of those as well... this little miracle helps keep my hair looking more amazing that I thought was possible .

24hr Face Cream #578 & 24hr eye cream #579 ($29.99 only available from the lab) these little jars are awesomeness came in my July Fro The Lab box (and to be honest I wasn't real impressed at first, I should probably update my review) My first impression was that the creme was too scented so I had planned to give it to my mom... well I ran out of the night time product I had been using so I started using these while I was waiting on the other to be delivered... and I have never stopped using face literally GLOWS...a soft, fresh, dewy look of a girl in her 20s...woo hoo... I am in love... thankfully from The Lab does sell previous months items in their memeber's shop ...I will be able to by a full size of both these products for $29.95 from them... so far the full sized I received from the originally has lasted me about 6 weeks and I am not even 1/4 way through the eye creme and about 1/2 way through the face creme....This is a holy grail product for sure, I should probly stock up on these just in case they don't carry it forever...not sure how it works with From The Lab since they cut out the middle man and I have no idea what brand this is or if it is available in the US even if I knew the brand...and I simply MUST have this on hand at all times...

Uniq One All in one hair treatment-$17.99 I received this in August Birchbox and almost immediately ordered a full size version (and I do mean like two days after I got my box in the mail I was ordering the full size) My hair and my lips have always been "my thing" well in recent years my hair has been to hell and back because of my meds.... this incredible little bottle is the best leave in conditioner, and hair moisturizer I have EVER used, I use it as soon as I get out of the shower before I comb through my hair (I let my hair air dry) and to style my hair I wet it back down (not rinsing this out) add a sea salt spray (Gnarly Whale) and let it dry naturally once dry I use a bit of oil to make it shine (that oil will be in this post as well).. chemo is notorious for making hair fall out, but what you don't know is MANY other meds make the hair brittle, dry, and gross.. you add that to the super thin hair I have left from it falling out by the hand full and you get a hot mess (trust me though there is a plus hair WAS straight as a board and super super thick actually has grown back in with spiral curls after most of it falling out awhile now I do have the beautiful curls I always wanted and in the 80s spent a small fortune getting, since it isn't so think now the curls just bounce right up with little product and thankfully I had so much hair to begin with I never went completely bald just thin and scraggly...see silver lining...just gotta look for it) I can honestly say no matter what my hair looks awesome 95% of the time these days!!!

Jane Iredale Lips and Cheek stain (forever pink) $25.00- I received this is the small sample size you see above in the Yuzen Favorites box back in July I believe. I actually had not tried a lip/cheek in one product prior to this one and I fell in love... I now have several and simply need MORE... Two or Three weeks after receiving this little power stick in miniature form I we had gone to the Gaylord Texan for a weekend getaway (I spent most of the time, including all meals in the room but Tuffy and hubby had fun with the water park and such) The one thing I DID do while there was indulge in a spa day..after a day of massages, scrubs, mani/pedi, hair treatments and pretty much anything else you could squeeze into the day I was browsing the boutique while waiting my turn to settle my bill and they had a small Jane Iredale selection  the first thing I looked for was this little baby right here (and I am happy to say I got it and it was even 25% off sine I had a day of pampering) I am enjoying trying new Jane Iredale products, I am excited to have discovered this entire line of all natural makeup, not just the lip and cheek stain (although it's a must have that I keep on in my bag at all times and one in my bathroom too)

Soap Revolt Naturals oil -$20.00- This is a ylang ylang & Orange Blossom "body oil" that I also found via Green Grab Bag (this was in a regular monthly subscription box that I received in June) here's the thing I do NOT use this as a body oil...oh, no.... I use it as a hair oil... I think I have mentioned a few hundred times that I have searched high and low for the perfect hair oil (and I finally found one from Innoscents, but sadly Innoscents is no more and although the owner did give me the "recipe" I lost it, so....) anyways this arrived in my June Green Grab Bag and at first I was not happy about it since I am not fond of Ylang Ylang usually (but the orange blossom in this oil pretty much overpowers the Ylang Ylang I guess because although I CAN tell it is there it does not bother me as it does in other products) This little vial is the final component in making my pretty newly acquired curls look stunning (seriously, I can almost say it is worth taking the meds to end up with the beautiful spiral curls that I have now as a result of it falling out and coming back in) once my hair is dry I just put a little on my hands and kinda "scrunch it" a bit into my makes it shine and sparkle plus adds more hydration to my sadly dry brittle hair that I work my butt off to keep from looking like a dry brittle mess! As with other products from Green Grab Bag this is 100% all natural and actually comes in a variety of scents although I haven't tried any other scent and doubt I will because the orange blossom covers the Ylang Ylang so well that I am afraid to change it up some may create a smell I wouldn't like but for those who are interested there are 8 scents for this oil...and just because it says body oil don't be afraid to put it on your hair... I do, every day...and on the rare occasion I do straighten my hair OMG, this makes it look like silk...and keeps it healthy too... love this even if it was not meant to be a hair product it is one of my favorite "hair" products ever!

Venice men's shorts from Five Four Club-$60 for the monthly box These Venice style shorts were in our July Five For Club Box for men ... I don't always review this box, I guess I should review it more often but we DO get this every month for hubby! ($50.00 non member price for just the shorts)- My hubby is not the easiest guy to shop for and he really will NOT try clothes on if we are out and about (although seldom even get out and about) I subscribe to Five Four Club for men for my hubby and they send clothes to our door every month (usually 2 to 3 items although sometimes there is more, also include accessories at times) anyways these shorts were in our June box and my hubby LOVES the, like really loves them ... I am planning to stock up on the in the "off season" since Five Four does some pretty good sales... I highly recommend even if you don't sign up for the monthly box just sign up for their email alerts because the sales are pretty good... but for $60 a month hubby gets an entire new outfit that is completely on trend (and often more than just one a pair of shorts/pants with two shirts...although these shirts came with an awesome button down) I am currently working on our September Five Four men's review (black pants and a grey sweater) I really suggest looking into this one for the men in your life. Hubby wears these shorts every chance he gets (seriously) this was definitely a summer fav! click Here to be taken to the Five Four Club.

this image was taken from the Golden Tote website (my photo on the hanger just didn't do this dress justice)

Grecian Maxi Dress from Golden Tote Golden totes are $49 & $149  I have to say this dress looks amazing on any body type (I think ya'll know that I do NOT have the same figure as the model in the photo and it looks awesome on me) This dress is not only flattering but super comfortable (kinda like wearing your favorite nightgown out and about) This dress can be as casual or as dressy as YOU want it to be based on the accessories you add to your ensemble... I personally prefer a pair of sandals or ballet flats and a simple bracelet...that's it...simple but beautiful! I will be sad when the weather gets too cool for me to wear this dress... I need to wear it more before winter. Thankfully since I am in Texas I can actually wear this all but about 2 or maybe 3 months of the year...and seriously as much as I love this dress I will...

this dress was available in both sizes of tote also available for purchase as a single item for $66 although I have no clue why you would do THAT when it is cheaper to get the small tote... This dress was available in The July AND August totes (I purchased the larger tote in August, it is STILL available for individual purchase of $66) For those who do not know how Golden Tote works let me do a brief explanation ... Small tote is $49- you pick ONE item and they will send you a cute canvas tote containing two usually three items (including your picked item ) that is at least $200 or more in value. The big tote is $149 and you pick TWO items (the selection of items you get to pick from is also larger for the bigger tote) They will send you a cute canvas tote filled with 6 to 7 items including the two items you picked  with at least a $600 value... I am telling you this is an awesome splurge item (and I doubt I will be able to do the "big" tote again (maybe once a year for the big tote) but seriously if you think about it the small tote is only $49 (and I have a few monthly sub boxes in that price range...skip those high $ boxes occasionally and get yourself some new clothes...

I was 100% happy with everything I received in my tote... and received more than 4 time the value  vs what I paid for the tote... if you don't love problem RETURN IT... that simple!...umm... I will ask IF you order from Golden Tote could you PLEASE let them know that I sent you(Kimberlee Parkhouse is how I am listed with them , not the dragon Slayer Mommy...thanks... every little bit helps on the cost of designer clothes...although I really don't know anything about their referral program I just ASSUME you would need my name for me to get "credit" because the only way I "know" to get credit is for me to send you an email with a link embedded in it, so I guess you could message me and I could send you the link that way.

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  1. Hey - did you know you could plug in your zip code on the Cosmos site and they will tell you where you can find them in a store near you? I was actually quite surprised how many stores locally had them . . . just thought I'd mention it. Thanks for all your suggestions . . .