Saturday, September 21, 2013

Your Bijoux Box (September) & coupon code

Your Bijoux Box September jewerly

September 2013 You Bijoux Box

This month's Your Bijoux Box came with two gorgeous necklaces. See my previous Your Bijoux Box reviews.

The Capri Choker- This is a beautiful piece that is in varying shades of blue and bluish greens. I think this may be my favorite piece from Your Bijoux Box yet, certainly one that I will wear more frequently. My photos do not do this piece is unique and versatile, yet totally a memorable addition to any outfit.

Blushing flowers necklace- this is really very lightweight which was surprising, it also is nice and neutral while being stunning it can literally be worn with pretty much anything in my closet (well, other than my NASCAR gear) Again, my photos are just not doing this piece the justice it deserves (I apologize, I am still stuck in bed and the lighting in here just isn't great and I can't properly "set up" my pics like I wish)

As always to add this bracelet to your box just use the code SPARKLES at checkout just for the Dragon Slayer readers and this great bracelet (that I wear at least a few times a month) will be added for free.

I have never been much of a jewelry person (much to my mothers dismay and my husbands delight) , but I have been receiving Your Bijoux Box for 3 months now and I must say I am LOVING it... I think my problem before was I didn't know which jewelery to buy (I was overwhelmed) and didn't know how to use it to pull an outfit together (Your Bijoux Box has a blog that shows you various styling tips for the pieces throughout the month which is really great for the fashion challenged like me)

Click Here to go to their home page, from there you can research their blog, look at previous boxes (I also have the previous boxes reviewed here) and ultimately sign up to receive this fun little box for yourself, at  $35 a box you are guaranteed to receive 2 to 3 pieces each month with a LEAST a $70 value. (this is the first month that it was only two pieces, but totally OK with that since the Capri Choker is so awesome)

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