Saturday, September 21, 2013

Your Bijoux Box Giveaway (ends 10/10/13)

Once again the ladies over at Your Bijoux Box has been generous and offered another giveaway  for the readers here at  The Dragon Slayer Mommy.
One of the things I love about the giveaways I am able to offer with Your Bijoux Box is it differs a little from the box so even if you subscribe to the box winning the giveaway still gives you a new and exciting piece!

This giveaway includes the beautiful Capri Choker that I have fallen in love with (seriously, I have a necklace rack on my wall in the bathroom everytime I walk in there I see this and want to find somewhere to go just so I can wear it... I am totally infatuated with this piece...for those who know me personally you know how rare it is I feel that way about jewelry but YOur Bijoux box is changing the way I see jewelery as a whole)

The giveaway also includes this wonderful statement piece in the prettiest shade of blue. I love the  design of this, because it is little delicate teardrops that combine together to create a much larger intricate piece makes it playful and versatile. I actually do not have this piece yet, but I plan to find out how to purchase it, I have the perfect blue and coral maxi skirt to pair it with .

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  1. The Gatsby necklace is my favorite piece, so pretty.

  2. I love the teardrop necklace, just my style. And I love the Bijoux Box Blog - it's new to me, but I've subscribed and I'll be following with interest! :)

  3. I would love to follow on instagram but I have a basic phone, one without apps. would be nice if there was another way to get further down the list

  4. The Peaches and cream necklace is my favorite.