Friday, September 27, 2013

What's going on in my world

 It's Friday , so that means it is time to tell you a little bit about what is going on in my part of the world (totally trivial things...if you're looking for serious news please head to CNN)

Tuffy is going to be a Dragon for Halloween , I thought I would give ya'll a sneak peak...excuse the stains on my ottoman (the pups had muddy paws and well muddy bodies)

Side view of my little dragon baby

****I am totally bummed, this week I received 11 shipping notification and only got 3 of those boxes so far... good news is next week will be ROCKIN boxes...but I am gonna die of curiosity...especially on my Tyler Florence Box (Fancy emailed earlier letting us know it would be late this month but it would be worth the wait so now I am super inpatient)****

This was my favorite of the boxes that arrived this week...New dog box from Kasten Pets, which is a local company for me) I will have the review ready this weekend with a discount code for you as well (you will LOVE this box)

I will also be reviewing my Project DIY this weekend (and guess what even I was able to do these)...WOOHOO...LOVE this box, and love making my own pieces!

****I spent a few days thins week working on a Little Black Bag...I actually closed it after 2 days because it was pretty much a perfect box and I was afraid I would screw it up if I kept trading (I had already starting regretting one of my trades so I shipped it QUICK before I changed my mind because I KNEW that I loved it just the way it was... I don't think I have EVER reviewed one of my LBB's here for some reason (I do them pretty often, just never get it on the blog for some reason...kinda like The Honest Company, Graze, stunner of the month, a few others that I get all the time but don't think to review...maybe I will review a few of those this month for ya'll as they arrive) But back to my LBB...seriously my favorite one yet (this one I will be certain to review, it's the first one that I loved and decided to keep it all...A pair of Wanted boots, a Nila Anthony satchel, a pink cosmo satchel, a cejon infinity scarf...and I only paid 49.95 plus 5.95 shipping for all that (value$230.00) yes, I have had bags with a MUCH higher value, but I only did one day of trading on this instead of the usual 7 AND there were some things I actually "traded down" to get because I wanted them, basically I got EXACTLY what I wanted (well, I would really like that Elsie Hope that was released yesterday, but no one was trading it even when I offered two Pink Cosmos so I decided it wasn't meant to be) ..YES, that is why I have an LBB addiction... if you are not already a Little Black bag girl, sign up using THIS LINK you will get 25% off your first purchase and I will get a free $50 item added to my next bag to trade or keep whatever I decide...they best part about LBB is that the trading part is social and fun plus you get to trade for items you really want... it is VERY addictive...if you sign up and create an account but don't "open a bag" right then they will "sometimes" send you a discount code for a better deal about a month later (like a free item code I think) ****

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