Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Sentiments

I thought I would try making Sundays a little more about the family, baking, you know just "mom" stuff...not necessarily boxes, and not necessarily chronic illness either...just plain ol normal family stuff


Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty White/Blue
this is one of our 3 different potty chairs, but I like this one the best

We have been working on potty training for the last 2 weeks (we tried before but it was a disaster, so we put it on hold until he better understood) I am proud to say, this time around Tuffy "gets it" and will pee pee everytime I out him on the potty, and often will even tell me he needs to pee pee. He has only pooped once in the potty and I think it kinda freaked him out a bit so unfortunately I am stuck cleaning icky underwear...which brings me to a question, would a cloth diaper detergent work best for icky undies? For some reason I am thing I should give that a go (and I think I a few things of rockin' green around here already) This time I tried a different approach to potty training, I actually put a potty in all of his usual areas (so a potty in the living room, playroom, bathroom/master bedroom) I was lucky and bought the various potties one at a time while heavily discounted on Amazon...each potty is different (we did that out of desperation because he kept thinking "froggy potty" was a toy and even put it in his toy box, so that was when I started buying "other" potties)I am teaching him sitting down (that's how most do it, right? At what age should we change to standing up?) His rewards have been anything from dove chocolate, hot wheels, new underwear, a trip to the store, a soccer ball...not gonna lie we do whatever keeps him motivated right now.

Reba on the left Madison on the Right

As most of you know I now have 4 dogs and a kitten, the two newest additions are Madison and Reba. They are "mom's horses "as my daughters jokingly call, they ARE going to be HUGE, as in a GIANT BREED (German Sheppard/English Mastiff Mix) this particular mix of breeds is suposed to be great for service dogs so the plan is one of these pretty girls will eventually become my service/assistance dog. It will take a few years to become a certified service dog, and in all reality right now they are just too young (5months) to be learning all that although they are learning the basics plus a lot more. The puppy who is best suited for this and I will go off to school in about a year. There will be daily training between now and then just to get pups able to be in public without reacting to distractions at all, and we obviously have to let them grow up because well puppies want to play...and your only young once so I want them to have their play time as well!

Me, The #48 Lowe's Chevrolet, and the Nascar Sprint Cup Trophy a couple years ago... (actually the last race I was able to attend at Texas Motor Speedway...gotta get to a race , I am having withdrawal)

Perhaps it is time to mention another of my passions, I know I have done a few minor mentions, but it is NASCAR's exciting time (The Chase) so everything is on the line now and the boys (and Danika...well, she will never be in the Chase so who am I kidding)  well the BOYS are ready to try and beat my man as usual... not gonna happen JJ is unstoppable and the 6 pack WILL happen this season....Go Jimmie Go #48 forever. I am feeling a bit spunky and think I might attempt to go to the track this November... I miss my race weekends more than I think anyone realizes... it was my biggest passion for so many years and one of the first things the dragon took away from me... but I think with a walker or wheelchair I can do it (and since I KNOW my hubby is reading this having a fit about right now, shaking his head and preparing to battle...PLEASE, IF I wear a mask the whole time, like a good girl...this is Jimmie's Year ...I NEED to be there for this race, plus Gasoline and burning rubber are part of who Tuffy is in his blood... I grew up at the dirt track every weekend so it won't hurt him to be at a superspeedway a couple times a year. I will never forget the first time I asked hubby of he wanted to go to a race with me (we had not been dating too long) He looked at me like I was from another planet the planet toothless redneck I think was flashing through his mind (I HAVE mentioned that he is a YANKEE, right?)  He didn't go to the races that time, but did go that November and even stayed in the infield for the entire race weekend experience (he realized a few things, one race fans can not be poor white trash like he thought because a weekend at TMS cost as much as a caribbean vacation when it was all said and done, when I do a race I do it with style, he realized my daughters and I were 100% true die hard NASCAR fans as were most of my family close family friends, he also discovered he kinda liked the whole race thing...what's not to he does enjoy NASCAR in person, but still not a big fan of watching it on TV (well maybe he will watch last 10 laps or so)he knows once we get to the chase I really do not want to be distracted when watching race coverage so he finds something else to do  usually...Tuffy is starting to enjoy watching the race some, but obviously not all 3 or 4 hrs of race coverage.

well, that's all from here I gotta go catch some pre race coverage on SPEED and look for some good sales on meat (Hubby and Tuffy are in town having a boy's day so he will be grocery shopping while out so I need to figure out where all I am sending him besides Sprouts and Aldi's)


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