Saturday, September 21, 2013

September wantable Makeup box review

OK, so I have posted a few dozen times how I am scared of makeup pretty much (the last time I "really" was into make up Garth Brooks was still a newbie up and coming musician (and now he is retired...)
 Wantable's claim to fame is how they customize their boxes to YOUR individual likes and dislikes and offer a money back guarantee.... I decided to go for it awhile back when they had a promotion offering your second month free...I figured I would put this customization thing to the ultimate test (because I am NOT easy to please with makeup)

I was very impressed by the super in depth questionnaire they had me fill out when I signed up, it asked me questions I had never really thought about before. I am not gonna lie I had to Google a couple things so I would know if I should make it a like, love, or dislike some things that have arrived on the scene in the last decade (I know, I know... I am ashamed of myself)  I "knew" I didn't like "really colored" makeup, so I had to really think about what that meant and answer my questionnaire accordingly, I actually tweaked it a few times over the week or so before it shipped...and you know what...they did REALLY pretty dammed good... I like the box, I REALLY like everything in that box and ALL of it is something I would NOT have bought for myself (it's makeup, let's face it unless it was nude colored I would not have bought it) I feel like a whole new world has been opened up for me...

OK, so let's see what I got shall we...


Mia BelleZZa mineral pressed blush in natural ($16.50) - this was a color I was comfortable with right away, and it is pretty pigmented so a little goes aways. I have never heard of this brand before (yes, I live under a rock) I can't wait to try other shades of their blush as the seasons/occasions change. this is actually a bit more pink that it appears in the picture, it just wouldn't capture correctly from my bedroom light.

Mia BelleZZA pressed eyeshadow in coffee bean($16.00) - I liked this eyeshadow more than I expected to, I originally thought it was too dark, but with the right brush it looked GREAT (and I can control how light/dark this goes on much easier than I would have thought) At First I was kinda bummed they sent more than one item from this brand, but now I am super happy that they did since I REALLY like this brand and will be looking for more of their products in the future.

Michael Marcus Lipstick in Lee ($24.00) I don't think it is any surprise that lip items were my LOVE item (I have a small obsession) Although I have not used Michael Marcus products before I knew right away that I loved the color of this lipstick, it also feels great AND looks great on which makes this PERFECT... I love, love, love this... (almost as much as some of my Jane Iredale's...hey, I said I wasn't big on makeup... but I have ALWAYS claimed I was a huge lip product junkie) 

LAQA & Co nail polish in Nookie ($11.00) - this was a totally new brand for me, and I am very happy with it, and the packaging is super awesome by the way... I like this color of polish and will wear it year round, but the best part was discovering a new polish company (like I "need" more polish) Since I like the package on this one so much I do think I will use this brand for gifts as well (would look great in a gift basket type bag)

Lisa Waitier haute couleur high coverage lip lacquer rouge catwalk ($22.00)- This was by far the item that was the most out of my comfort zone, I don't know that I have worn red lipstick since my Jr Prom..well, not a lipstick exactly, but ya'll know what I mean...I must say I was very surprised how much I like it (it is like wearing air) I did "tone it down" by blotting and adding a lip balm on top of it but wowzers do I like it...this lip stain is fully loaded, it has a mirror for easy application anywhere...but wait, there is more there is a LED light built into it so every time you open it automatically lights up...I mean this would have been the best things ever in my 20s when I was going to clubs...still pretty cool though I gotta admit...anyways for an item that not only pushed my boundaries but pretty much knocked them down (since I usually only wear neutral , natural colors) This was perhaps the biggest hit (not the one I will wear most often, but the best discovery since never in a million years would I have bought this or would anyone I know have even considered buying it for me...and I LOVE it) THIS is exactly what all this box stuff is all about, DISCOVERING things you would NEVER find on your own...Wantable knows me better than I know myself evidently!

Lise Watier Ombre Souffle' supreme sample eyeshadows (free sample) - this was the only sample in the box (everything else was full size which is super bonus points) I tried these and OMG... I MUST have more of this eyeshadow (the sample thankfully is enough for more than one application although I did put it in a ziplock to keep it from drying out since it's a creme shadow) I really don't know what to say about this shadow other than go get you some...NOW....I wish this had been a fullsize product in my box, but they certainly sold me with the deluxe sample... well played Wantable, well played.

My September Wantable Makeup box had a value of $89.50 which is far above the cost of $36 that it cost per month. Wantable is one of the few boxes you can "skip" anytime you want as often as you if you only want to get a box every few months no problem, sign up get your box and then pause your account until you are ready to get it again (so you DON"T  have to pay the $36 every month...just when you want to or can afford it) can also rotate between the various Wantable boxes by simply pausing/skipping one type of box for another since they have 3 of them this one the Make up box, an accessories box which I will review today or tomorrow and a new intimates box that I expect to receive in the week or so)
I think that even with the $36 price tag Wantable is well worth every penny since it has a 100% money back guarantee (don't like something send it back and keep only what you like...can't spend the money that month, no biggie just "skip" that month, have enough makeup right now, but need socks, panties or shapewear...GREAT pause makeup and get the intimates box, need a new necklace for the office Christmas Party...OK...get the accessories box that month instead of make up or's all 100% customized to YOU, your wants and your needs from the products they send you , the type of box you receive and how often you get it)  Click here to fill out the questionnaires for each of the boxes , or just one...but seriously, take the quiz and see how detailed it is for yourself (you can always exit before entering CC info if you decide to...the questionnaire process is what sold me...try it for yourself and see if you agree...all 3 boxes are just as detailed...I can say positively the make up and accessories were 100% spot on (haven't received the intimates box yet)

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