September Wantable Accessories box review

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I think I have expressed how much I have been impressed by Wantable in this last month (you can see my review of the make up box Here)
In addition to rediscovering makeup, I am also becoming a fan of jewelry for the first time in my life (thanks to your bijoux box getting me on a jewelery kick a few months ago) 
Wantable has THE most amazing questionnaire process to customize your box and your items 100% to your like, loves and dislikes...this is what makes it such an amazing box and what makes it stand out.

I had such a hard time detailing my questionnaire on this because I have never been a fan of jewelry until recently (I worse my bridal set, my cross necklace and a nice watch for work...NOTHING else...ever)

I did know I liked silver more than gold, and kind of earthy bohemian type stuff...

so let's see what they sent...

The Monet Necklace ($28)- this is by far my favorite piece in the box, although I will likely wear it less than the other two pieces..... I say it's my favorite because it is totally in seriously totally ME... I would never have bought it myself, or likely even looked at it but nothing could be more perfect for me and "my look" This one piece sold me on Wantable as a whole ... I received my makeup and accessories box pretty much at the same time (a couple days apart, but opened at same time...this one first) I was expecting to like this box or this company at all...boy, was I wrong... way wrong!!!

Janessa Bracelet ($24.00)- Again, not something I would have picked out myself, but would have silently wanted it (if that makes sense) I will wear this often and really really need more bracelets so it was a welcome addition (I realized how few bracelets I actually seriously only 4...all of those I acquired in the last 3 months through boxes) I need to focus more on silver arm candy I think...

Isley Necklace ($22) - Ok, so this one I would have totally bought myself..nice and dainty, a classic piece that can be worn with anything. I will wear very often.

I just wanted to show a closer look of the chain on the Isley Necklace to show it wasn't "just a plain chain" the little texture/larger links...whatever you call them really adds some personality to it. (remember I am a newbie to jewelery so no clue what the correct term is) 

All Altogether the value of my September Wantable Accessories box was $74.00 which is way over the $36 I paid for the box so I would say this is an awesome deal... I really really can't express to ya'll enough how impressed I have been with the questionnaire process that Wantable has designed to customize the box to make it the perfect box for YOU... and if you don't like it...OK, whatever you don't like (weather it is one item or the whole box, send it back and they will refund your money or replace it whichever you prefer so really you can't lose) 
Wantable is one of the few boxes that allows you to skip/pause ANY time you want for as long as you you do NOT have to pay the $36 every month...only when YOU want to, you can even rotate which box you receive (the make up box, the accessories box, or the intimates box) I love it when boxes allow me to pause/skip because I receive so many boxes that sometimes I simply do not need more of certain things, or I have over spent that month and NEED to skip a month because I simply can not purchase the box, or I want to use that money to try another box, or there is an incredible deal on a prepaid subscription I need to get ASAp and need to skip a box or two to make it happen...Wantable has very quickly moved into my top 10 boxes between the custom boxes, thew questionnaire, variety of boxes, and the ability to skip/pause...

Click Here to test the questionnaire for yourself and see what I mean about how detailed it is... you are not required to purchase , you can always exit before inputting CC info  but even if you are not looking to subscribe just yet (and I completely understand that) just experience the questionnaire...I have not seen anything like it in the box world (yes, many boxes do "profiles", but NOT like this ... each and every one of their box varieties come with it's own VERY detailed questionnaire...and it works...I can believe how well it works...

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