Sunday, September 29, 2013

September Olio Luxe Box and giveaway announcement

I don't think it is any secret that my favorite monthly subscription box is Olio Luxe. This month the theme was "Vintage Apothecary Beauty Box" I have to tell ya'll...this is my FAVORITE Olio Luxe box in OMG, Holy Grail, must have, how did I live without this good...

so here it is...

Pacifique  small ($16.00) 

This is the product that has me going gaga right now and this bottle which is the small size is the one that was included in the September subscription box (and luckily for all of you that did not get the subscription box this month it will soon be added to the Olio Luxe collection always Olio releases new products through the subscription box so loyal customers get to try it first) This little bottle is great for so MANY things (I will actually detail the breakdown of this powerhouse oil below) this works on everything from achy joints to nausea and headaches to chronic pain.... love, love, love this
Pacifique size large ($26) this was NOT in the normal subscription box but Miss Amanda KNEW this bottle of heaven had my name written all over it and sent this to me as well as a bonus...I so I won't include this in the cost breakdown at the end since it was not in the regular subscription box

Pacifique blends the best anti-inflammatory & healing oils there are. Made with arnica, emu oil, aloe , comfrey and 10 essential oils including ginger, clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon, & mint. This labor-intensive product starts with infusions of frankincense tears (resin) and natural waxes & dried herb infused in hemp seed oil, jojoba, sweet almond, and grapeseed oils.

Vintage solid perfume ($10.00) 
This perfume is also a new product that was released this month to the subscription customer before being available for purchase in the online store. I already have the two previous perfumes created by Olio Luxe and wear them frequently. This one I think I actually like better than the others (although it's a close call between this one and the summer jasmine...although COMPLETELY different type of scents)
Vintage perfume combines sweet vanilla & classic rose with earthy notes of patchouli, sage & ginger. (VEGAN PERFUME)

Rustique small gift set ($6.00)
 Rustique is a tea bath that combines various mineral, herbs and essential oils with oats to create a spa experience at home. The kit also contains a small natural loofah and a little spoon (with a muslin bag to hold it all in) The kit is enough for two normal size baths.
I actually haven't used this one yet (shocking, I know) I will save it for my next spa day here at home, but I have used other bath tea/soaks from Olio Luxe in the past and loved them so I expect I will this as well.

The box that this month's Vintage Apothecary Beauty Box came is is a beautiful keepsake box that would be perfect for a gift box, to keep smaller jewelery in , hair accessories, or Olio Luxe of course. I am actually going to place a value on the box this month as well. I will estimate the box at $5.00) although likely I would pay more for one around Christmas or Mother's day myself. I am going to use this to keep my hair acessories in (I have bobby pins scattered everywhere) It will look beautiful on my bathroom shelf.

Total value of the September Olio Luxe Vintage Beauty Box is $37.00, this did NOT include the larger bottle of Pacifique that I received as a bonus since it was in fact a bonus... This is definitely a BARGAIN considering the cost per month is $22. YOu can purchase month to month or a subscription either one at the same cost (although quantities are LIMITED so if you are going month to month make sure you order early as the boxes pretty much always sell out way before shipping) The boxes ship on the 17th of the month and subscribers are charged on the 16th of the month.

Click here for Website/online store and look at all the wonderful products in the Olio Luxe Line, you can order and pay for your month to month boxes on this page as well. If you want to subscribe to the Olio Luxe boxes there are instruction o how to do so on this page.

This is one of those times I highly suggest being active on the companies facebook page, which can be found HERE, Since this is a small business and the owner and creator likes to interact with her customers as much as possible following along on facebook will give you some insight to the company and the products.

Now for the exciting news... Olio Luxe has generously offered an October subscription box to one of my readers...the giveaway begins right now ending on 10/15/13 and will be in a separate post.

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