Thursday, September 26, 2013

September Mia Tempo Box

One of my favorite boxes to receive is Mia Tempo (I love seeing what indulgent items are going to be included every month) This month was a bit different (but still AWESOME) This was the first of the "Signature boxes" that was all vegan as well as the normal organic offerings. I was excited to see what the team at "me time central" came up with for this special box!

You can read my interview with Mia Tempo founder's Christina from back in June Here and my review of past Mia Tempo Box Here

I finally decided to take the plunge and I did a 6 month Mia Temp Subscription...I just love everything about this box, this company, and everything they are trying to do ...see interview Here to learn about their commitment to women's issues and bringing affordable organic high quality "me time" to women allover the country.

I was very excited when I decided to do the full 6 month subscription, woohoo...mamma gets major good treats every month (or I can use as a gift that month if I need too and know it is a gift I would personally LOVE to receive)

As usual the box arrived wrapped just like a gift, almost too pretty to tear into (yeam almost but you know I did...but I didn't tear anything at least) Seriously these boxes come gift ready (and I HAVE given Mia Tempo as gifts I know that it will be beautifully wrapped, displayed and pure luxury for my recipient so it is a perfect "go to gift idea")

The box of spa indulgences every month comes with a "Spa Menu" that lists out the steps to using the main items in the box and how they should be used... basically this box truly is a spa day in a box with step by step instructions on how to pamper yourself and create some "me time") the best part is the box is more than enough to treat yourself to multiple "spa days" throughout the month... I actually usually do a weekly "spa ritual" for my me time and this pair perfectly with my me time activities.

So let's see what I got...

Buffalo Gal Organics Amber & Fig line including:
Moisture lotion 2 oz ($6.75)
Dead Sea Bath Soak 4 oz ($7.00)
Cream body scrub 2 oz ($3.20)
These are all in the heavenly Amber-Fig scent... I actually plan to order some of this directly from Buffalo Gal for Christmas Gifts it smells incredible!
*** These prices are based on similar items in their shop as not everything is available at this time***

Wild Carrots Herbals Wild Rose Eye Cream ($8.99)- I had never heard of this brand before, but after checking out their reviews while finding a price for this I have to say I am super curious about several of their products... I am thinking I may be doing a follow up post on the companies featured ion this box and their other products.

Wild Carrots Wild Rose Face Mask ($3.25) - you mix this with rose honey (or thats the directions) I am going to use regular honey and a bit of rose essential oil (maybe one drop I think) anyway I love to deep clean my face once a week (and I love a mask with honey, I haven't made a homemade mask with honey in YEARS...need to do that)

Jane Austen paddywax Library  2 wick travel tin scent in Gardenia, Tuberose & Jasmine combination ($13.66) -HOw did I NOT know about these things? I am a huge Jane Austen fan and this combines the candle with a quote from Jane Austen "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort"... there are also variations for Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allen Poe...these will make great stocking stuffers for some of the book buffs on my Christmas list!

The Two Items below are considered Bonus items (they are in addition to the "spa menu" items that are listed above) but I do include them in the value of the box (I have always noticed they are items that in any other box would be considered "good main items" so the bonus stuff in this box is pretty awesome stuff...

Eco Tools 4 piece touch up set ($5.99) - I actually have received another eco tools brush set (eye set) as bonus item from Mia Tempo before and I really like them , I had not used Eco Tools before receiving them a few months ago in a Mia Tempo box and now I plan to switch many of my brushes to the Eco Tool brand as I  replace the ones I have (for my "big" kabuki I will likely stick with the more expensive brands but for everything else these are actually pretty awesome, eco friendly, and better than some brushes I have used that cost a lot more... I love that you get a "good" brush that happens to e eco friendly PLUS it is affordable...bigtime win!)

Tea Forte in Raspberry Nectar and Green Mango Pecan ($2.75) - I am looking forward to trying these flavors, I like some hot tea and some i don't... this I am thinking I will like...certainly sounds delicious and I already know I like  the Tea Forte brand

All Totalled my September signature box from Mia Tempo was valued at $51.59 which is WAY less than the $39.95 cost (the price goes down with a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription as well so if your like me and know you want this every month just go with a multiple month subscription and save yourself some money)
Look at  it this way will you EVER find a spa treatment anywhere for less? plus this is enough to last pretty much the month if you do it weekly (yes, I am an enabler)

Click Here  to checkout the website, their blog or of course to order yourself some "me time" goodies... make sure and let them know that The Dragon Slayer Mommy sent you please!

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