Thursday, September 19, 2013

September Julep box review and discount code for free box

It has been awhile since I did a Julep review, I don't know why, I have been getting them ...I just get so many boxes every month and I only have so much time in a day to do reviews and Julep is just one of the boxes that I don't always get around to reviewing.This month I felt that I absolutely HAD to do a Julep review for a few reason, but number one reason is the Bare Face cleansing oil that was included in this month's Maven boxes) I will go into detail below, but I am in love with this cleansing oil. Secondly, this is their transition month from the summery colors into fall and winter colors (so it was time to show some polish ideas) and right now all referrals get $15 in discount codes ... for those who have been on the fense, sign up using the free box deal (will cost you just shipping of like $4.00 then refer your friends, heck even yourself if ya follow me and get that $15 referral code and score some polish...but hey, do your sign up off of MY referral link please so I can score some polish (mamma has a polish addiction and if I am ever gonna give some away I need an abundance) I am just being honest here, but seriously right now is the best deal for signing up I have seen...the products are the best in MONTHS and the referral incentive is just awesome!

Ok, I did some add ons this month in addition to my monthly box, I am a classic with a twist (but as always I could have chosen any box I wanted problem was I wanted from all boxes) I almost did the full collection until I remembered I have a few other polish boxes coming this month. Julep has 5 opinions every month, classic with a twist, bombshell, boho glam, it girl and american beauty. American beauty has NO polish in it, and it girl has ONLY polish in it...the others come with two polishes and one beauty item (this month it was their new Bare Face Cleansing Oil)  

Julep September 2013 Classic with a twist collection included the Bare face cleansing oil, and the polishes were Florence(a classic camel creme) I really like this color much more than I even thought I would (it will be perfect with many of the earth toned outfits this coming season) it also came with Padma (a royal plum creme) I was really happy to see this color as an option, I have been looking for a DEEP purplish color...I have various shades of purple, but not quite this deep and I love it!

I feel I need to really talk about this cleansing oil, I think everyone of you who have followed my blog for any length of time know that I have a skin care line that I am 100% loyal to so it's hard to sell me on a new one... that being said this Bare face cleansing oil is face has NEVER felt so clean (yes, I know it's OIL which all of my 40 years I was told was BAD for my skin...but It is the cleanest , most soft feeling ever) Both the princess and the kitty kat have tried it and agree with me 100% (and the kitty kat is NOT into skincare/beauty items at ALL...but even she was in awe of this bottle of awesomeness) you simply squirt a couple times into your DRY hand and apply to a DRY face and rub in circular motions...then rise with WARM water...and OMG...seriously it is the cleanest feeling ever (if you don't realize this other than the Eagles, Don Henley, and Bon Jovi I do not think my two daughters and I have ALL agreed something was great before so the fact we ALL love this says a lot about it) You can purchase this without subscribing, but honestly it is more expensive to buy the bottle than a monthly box costs and you can always cancel the box at anytime you wanted (as in after you get the cleansing oil plus a couple polishes) the best part is it actually works well with the rest of my established routine and that  Olio brand I love so much!

So to recap this picture is everything that came in the standard monthly classic with a twist Julep maven box for this lets look at my add ons

Julep allows you to "add on" various items at extremely discounted rates there are always polishes from current and previous collection as add on options, and also a rotating supply of various favorite maven items as well... I decided to add on two polishes this from the it girl collection (which I loved but wanted to try the bareface oil and that box didn't have the oil in it. I also added on the konjac cleansing sponge because I have been curious about and this was offered as an add on so it was a great price on it compared to Amazon or other sites I looked at.
My add on polished were Josephine (deep teal grey creme) and Reese (a holographic shimmer with a purple tone)
Reese is actually my first ever holographic polish (I usually prefer creme polish) I only just a few weeks ago tried a textured polish for the first time actually (Kai) 

This was everything I received this month (my classic with a twist box, plus my two polish add ons and my spoge add on) Click Here to order Julep is $ 19.99a month (but you can skip any month you want to , no questions asked...they actually are the easiest sub box to skip or cancel I have ever dealt with)
But as always I have a discount code for you... use the code FREEBOX at check out to get your box for just cost of shipping (just under $4) plus you can still do add ons at the discounted price with the free box offer so it's an amazing deal.Julep website .

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