Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September Ipsy review

The theme this month for Ipsy was "classic" Beauty , and I can see the "classic" in most of my items this month. For those who are not aware Ipsy is a monthly subscription that only cost $10 a month and you usually receive 5 beauty items including a new makeup type bag every month. Ipsy does focus more on makeup than most subscription is this price range and the product sizes tend to be larger as well. (not ALWAYS make up, I have received nail polish before, and my daughter has received hair items as well, but...bargain, big time bargain for just $10 a month)

This month's bag was a beautiful blue bag with a black intricate design that included butterflies (I know my "lupie" friends will like the butterflies) It is one of my favorite bag designs from recent months.

The first item(s) in my bag are  skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gel ($7.50). These are little gel pads that cool, firm, and reduces puffiness under your eyes. Just a hint popping them in the fridge first makes the experience so much more awesome. I was not overly pleased to see I was getting these when I peeked at my glamroom before my bag arrived...but, I have to admit I was wrong, they feel great, and help give a more rested appearance (I only sleep about 3 to 4 hrs a night so I have puffy, puffy eyes) I wouldn't mind having more of these around the house.

POP's Pouty Pop Crayon ($4.21), this is the item I was most excited about when I peeked in my glam room (you know I love me some lip goodies) I am actually have not tried this particular lip crayon before, but the color is nice enough I think I can actually use on lips and bonus it will pull double duty. I got the color rose romance, and I love the color, but it isn't as "creamy or moisturizing" as I would have liked...but still totally usable and the added bonus of using on cheeks balances that out!

It's So Big Volumizing Mascara ($7.50, this is an estimate based on the full size price, this was an Ipsy launch so I could be a bit off on this one by a dollar or so), I really didn't "need" another mascara...but then again I guess a girl always needs a good black mascara...I was thrilled it was black (I don't do colored mascara, at least not since 1985 when I was in Jr High .... unfortunately there is a school picture that serves as proof I once wore hot pink mascara (please Lord don't let anyone locate that one) This month is all about classics and black mascara is about as "classic"as it gets 

Starlooks Obsidian Kohl Eye Pencil ($12.00 value), I have actually been curious about some starlooks products now that I am starting to get interested in makeup again (for many years I did not wear makeup on a regular basis) I don't wear eyeliner on a daily basis, but when I do I only wear black and to be honest I haven't found one I like in about the last 10 years so I kinda just gave up...I am very curious to see how this one works out for me (I will do an update on this well as an update on my renewed interest in makeup)

NYX Single Eyeshadow in Golden Poppy ($4.99 value)...ok, let me START by saying I took pics of this shadow in every room of my house trying to get a true picture of the color... I just can't get it to photograph the way it many people (myself included) were saying, "I don't want a yellow eyeshadow" ...I have to tell you it really isn't that yellow (the picture makes it look much more yellow than it really's actually VERY pretty, and those who read this blog regularly know I DO NOT DO odd colored eye stuff (as it I keep it very natural looking) so when I say this is very pretty yellow and one that I am looking forward to wearing you have to understand that it REALLy isn't "YELLOW" it goes on very lightly and adds a nice shimmer and just a hint of color...not "yellow" at all.

Bonus: EM the life pallette: Career Life in look 4 the natural talent (I am considering this a freebie and not adding it to value of the bag at all)- I must confess my ignorance here, as I was reading spoilers and speculation of the contents of the September Ipsy bag on MUT I kept seeing EM being mentioned, as I have admitted numerous times, I have had little interest in makeup for the last 20 years until recently when I started reviewing so many boxes that contained make up and well it has me loving makeup as much as I did pre kids and pre career... I had no idea whatsoever who or what EM or Michelle Phan was so I have zero preconceived notions about this collection at all, I haven't tried it yet (I actually plan to this weekend when I actually get to get out of the house for a bit) I will certainly be updating how I feel about this since so many have such strong thoughts and opinions based on the name alone.(perhaps an entire post since I plan to update on the eyeliner as well) I will say I like the colors selected for me, totally colors I would have picked for myself!

My September Ipsy bag cost $10, and the estimated value of my September bag is $36.20 (so you bet I think that Ipsy is a GREAT value, I did estimate the mascara on the lower side so it's possible the bag is actually even a higher value than this) Ipsy does have a waiting list to join (I think I was on wait list about 3 weeks) so if you want to get the October bag I would hurry up and sign up now (they DO NOT charge you to go on the waiting list) this is a $10 a month subscription, I believe billed on the first of every month...and VERY well worth the money as you can see.

Click here (Ipsy) just click to go to the page to signup for the waiting list (if you get on the waiting list , when you are "up" if you decide not to join that's have to "accept" the invitation email they send once it's your turn to get "off" the waiting list ...but You MUST get on the waiting list to join/subscribe so I highly recommend getting to it if you do want off the waiting list hopefully in time for October...I am thinking the bags leading up the holidays will be pretty awesome as we move from summer and fall into winter and then Christmas...and as always you can cancel any time! IPSY website

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