Thursday, September 19, 2013

September The Fancy Box (regular fancy box review) and discount code

"Regular"box from The fancy
I am usually one of the first to receive the current month's regular boxes from The Fancy, but all the others I am at the tail end of the shipping so typically when I do get this box I am surprised and "might" have seen one spoiler or two (but with this box you really never know what you will get because of the categories you select may be different than someone else) This month I chose women, household, and gadgets. 

Ciate corrupted neon manicure ($25) I know these sets are all the rage (I received a different one in my Jennifer Love Hewitt Box last week from the same company) I personally do not care for this polish set (or the one I got with the sprinkle things in the JLH box) I also know I am in the minority oin not being "into" this type of polish so I understand why it is in this box (and if I was into glow in the dark neon nail polish or a college student doing the club/rave thing I would be in love with this polish set) This will be gifted, but I know the person I am giving it to will love it.

This is a better picture of the Ciate nail polish set. The box it's self is one of those holographics things so a picture is difficult to get just right.

Fancy Notebook 2 pack ($12) I think these notebooks are great , they are great conversation starters on the outside and normal notebook type paper on the inside (I am someone who keeps a spiral notebook in locations all over the house so I can jot things down (my meds make me forget things so I HAVE to write stuff down) I also carry a notebook with me to ALL Dr appointments and this one is small enough to fit in my purse, but much bigger than the one in there now (honestly kind of the perfect sizes) I would like to get more of these honestly (with different sayings, I go through a LOT of notebooks since I have to write so much down)

Fresh Herb Saver($22) I really do need this little kitchen wonder, I quite frankly let herbs and such go bad in the fridge, you can also store asparagus in it (I bet green onion as well) I am happy to have it, I can assure you this will get tons of usage.

Fancy Power Grid by Tego ($60) - this is a nifty little iphone charger (says it also does ipod and samsung galaxy) unfortunately I do not have ANY of those devices so even thought this is a $60 device if it won't charge my ipad 2, my Kindle Fire HD, or my LG phone it is useless to me (and those are not listed, but I WILL try it) I intend to contact Fancy as well since I filled out which electronic devices I do have (if it does charge what I need it to charge then I will be in love with this little thing)

All totalled the value of this Fancy Box was $119 (which is way more than the $39.95 plus shipping I paid for it) I think I have been pretty honest about my obsession with The fancy and their many, many boxes (I get 4 of them on a pretty regular basis...this one, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tyler Florence and the fancy food Box. They also have a box by Pink, CoCo, Verbal, and Ashton Kutcher) I have had my problems in the past with Te Fancy and their previous shipping issues, which I will say seem to be 100% resolved now (I actually canceled all boxes for a couple months until the issues were resolved) 
I do wish they still had the awesome coupon codes they had back when they were the new kids on the block, but the only coupon code that is available now is FOLLOWUP10 which will take off 10% j just Click here to order OR, just create an account (free) and look around, I can spend hours on their website just going through and "fancing" things, which is the equivalent of pining on pinterest or liking on facebook, it isn't just a box company, it is a crazy mix of a social media site and an amazon type thing...very unique in it's design, you really have to just create an account and play around for yourself to see what all the fuss is about 

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