Saturday, September 28, 2013

September Eco emi

September's Eco Emi was stuffed full of items that were all new to me (all but one, and I already loved it so was happy to get it again)

Eco Emi is one of my favorite "Eco/Green/all natural" boxes and a $15.00 a box it is one of the most affordable boxes around.

Lauren Brooks Creme foundation sample trio ($4.20)  this nifty little screw together foundation trio came in three shades Neutral, Cool, Warm listed top to bottom.This "sample" size is a VERY generous sample and to reach my perfect shade I mixed Neutral and cool so I got even more product....this will actually be enough to last me quite awhile and I am very impressed so far. A Full size pot of foundation is $27.00 on the Lauren Brooks website (lots more color options as well) you can also order any colors you want to try in sample size for $1.40 each and I love when companies let me order a generous sized sample before I commit to a full size on something like makeup where exact color match is necessary.

All purpose Healing Salve by The Natural Choice Apothecary ($3.65)- I am a big fan of healing salves, I am hooked on the stuff from another company but it is ALWAYS good to have some more on hand because the stuff is great  for everything from burns to bug bites...seriously if you don't have this type of salve at home you need to get some, I some in the kitchen, bathroom and in my bag (I use it for EVERYTHING) This one has a nice smell to it and absorbs well. This Salve from The Natural choice Apothecary 's full size 4 oz jar is $13.00
Purely you Minerals -Juicy Orange flavored lip gloss in color Ochre $1.75- this sample sized lip gloss smells delicious and this is a very generous sample size that will last me a long time....I really , really like this color on (it didn't look like one I would like in the little pot BUT I put it on and was like WOW... I will be buying more of their lips products after seeing the color options. A full sized tube is $7.00 which is very reasonable. (on a side note this company also provides free foundation samples so you can find your perfect shade)
Organic sweet orange Deodorant by Only Nat Cheryl ($1.97) I really like the scent of this all natural deodorant, I will admit I haven't tested it out yet (I have never had good luck with natural deodorants in the past,so I didn't think it was fair to test this when it's still 90 plus degrees here daily... I will try it when we cool off some) I could not get the webpage to load so that is why there is no link for this one.

Organic Peru La Florida Coffee By cool bean perks 1 oz ($1.06)- I think it's well known that coffee is my biggest addiction so anytime a coffee shows up in a box I get all giddy and excited. This is the next pack I will be grinding (I love whole bean coffee that I can grind at home so it is super fresh)

Mint + Acai whitening gum by vita care ($1.99) - I am not a gum person (not good to chew gum and put the stress on my TMJ joint since the dragon effects ALL joints) My hubby is actually a gum addict (as in he goes through a pack a day sometimes this goes in his pile) I do like the vitamin aspect of this gum as well as it being a whitening gum. He has had Vitacare gum before and really liked it.

Mighty Leaf Ginger Peach iced tea ($1.96)- Now these, I LOVE...a few months ago subscribers got an entire box in a popsugar must have box (I didn't get that particular box, but I traded a friend for the tea) I love the flavor combination, AND that this is no ordinary tea's HUGE bag makes an entire pitcher of iced tea. I was very happy to see this in the box and happily put it in my pantry as I was down to just two bags left (I have bought it a couple times too) I am in Texas and we LOVE our Tea (I am unTexan like and can drink it sweet or unsweet either one, but my hubby only drinks his tea sweet so that's how I make this (hint, add a bit of honey in place of some of the sugar it creates a new level to the peach & good...)

Zola Jae's organic mayan riviera honey moisturizing exfoliant ($1.49) - I wanted to like this, really I did...but it is kinda dry and crumbly... it works OK (I have had better and I have had worse)... I can't get past the overly crumbly texture (just not like other scrubs I have used) The scent IS very nice, I am considering adding a bit of liquid to see if I like this better then since the crumbly texture is my biggest issue (maybe some coconut oil added to it will "do it" for me)

Dessert Essence cleaning towelette ($0.53) I out this into my bag and haven't needed it yet (I am looking forward to trying it though) it is a blend of tea tree oil, lavender and orange extracts so I bet it's a yummy smelling towelette (good for face, hands and body)

The total value of my September Eco Emi Box was $18.60 which is more than the $15.00 cost for the box and I discovered so many new brands that I really like and will definitely be using in the future (Eco Emi also includes discount codes for many of the companies that are in your box to save you even more money when you order (pretty good discounts too)
I think Eco Emiis great for not only someone looking to discover more all natural products, but also for really anyone because the brands/items included are just great products that just happen to be  eco friendly, natural, and organic...but they are just normal everyday things every woman will use even if she is not living a "green lifestyle"

Click Here to check out the Eco Emi webpage or to order your own Eco Emi (PayPal accepted) when you are signing up there is a  section that asks what blogger sent you PLEASE be sure and say that The Dragon slayer Mommy sent you so I can hopefully start to offer some Eco Emi prizes in the future is enough of you tell them I sent you! 

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