Monday, September 23, 2013

September The Crowded Tub Box Review

I can't remember if I have reviewed my previous The Crowded Tub boxes or not, but This is a box of bath time fun for toddlers and your kids...always including a toy (or toy set), various soap/shampoo products and a wash cloth/sponge. Everything included  is natural, even the packing peanuts are bio degradable. The crowded Tub also gives back to charity a portion of boxes you get bathtime fun for you and your munchkin while helping other munchkins (they send The crowded tub boxes to childrens charities as well)

The Crowded Tub's info sheet is on an 8X11 sheet of paper and lists everything in the box, and on the backside has a coloring sheet for your child (if you send them the scanned in copy of your child's color sheet they will post on their page which is cool for some older toddlers and preschool kids)

Baby Mantra Shampoo & Body Wash ($12.95)- I am already a fan of baby mantra, since we only use natural chemical free items for Tuffy I am always happy to add to our stash.

Purple Prairie Botanicals Cedarwood & Tea tree conditioning shampoo bar ($3.99)- this smells AMAZING, as soon as I opened the box I smelled this. I am not sure if I will actually use it on Tuffy (I will try it and see how he reacts) BUT because it is for itchy scalp it is PERFECT for my hubby (and I wouldn't mind him smelling like this shampoo bar let me tell you) I may try this myself, although with longer hair my experience has been less than stellar with Shampoo Bars, but I am willing to give it another shot)

Iplay Green Sprouts stacking ducks set ($9.25) - I recently saw these when an online buddy posted a picture of what she received in our group secret box exchange, I knew I wanted them and was planning to order some on my next or Amazon purchase, and then I just forgot. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover these in our box from The Crowded Tub this month!  (yes Tuffy is 2, no I don't think these are too babyish... I think he will love them because he likes pouring water from one container to the other in the tub and we are still working on colors so this will be perfect)

Iplay Green Sprouts Bath Mitt ~crocodile~ ($7.95) I love this crocodile bath mitt, and we actually do not already have a crocodile mitt, but we have two crocodile hooded towels so this was a much appreciated item to receive in the box and it's so dang adorable!

My box September box from The Crowded Tub is valued at $34.14, which is more than the 29.95 cost of the box and all items I am more than happy to receive and items I would have totally bought myself except the shampoo bar and since I love the way it smells I am super happy to have discovered it. I also have a discount code for The Dragon Slayer Mommy readers use "DRAGONTUB8" for $8.000 off your first box (you can cancel at anytime)
 Click Here to get the the Crowded Tub web page and check them out for yourself sand be sure to check out their blog as well for lots of great tings and take advantage of the $8.00 off a box while you can, I honestly do not know if it expires.

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