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September Bluum Box Review (Fun is In the Air, 28 months)

BLUUM is one of the boxes I am always super excited to get every month, the age bracket we are in there simply are not spoilers in advance for us usually. For those of you not familiar with Bluum they do there boxes a little differently... the box that you will receive is determined by how old they are in months...each month (by age) has a different "theme" and the box you will receive fits into that theme (although there are variations of products in that theme based on product supply that month...hope that makes sense) I have LOTS of Bluum reviews, search Bluum in the box over to the right hand side to see all of them . I am usually very happy with our Bluum box with very few exceptions.

This month Tuffy is 28 months old so our box is the "Fun is In the Air, time to play and discover the world"  box, although overall I very much like this month's box I am not sure how it pulls back to the theme. Sometimes it's like that , but it really doesn't matter as long as Tuffy is happy ...if he is happy I am happy!
Bluum pretty much always includes a mommy item in the box as well which is a nice bonus especially for mom's who do not get a box for themselves.

OK, onto what all we got in out box (it was packed super full)

Wellements Tiny Voices ($12.25) - I had never seen this product before, but I am really happy to have it. It is an all natural herbal formula made with elderberry and marshmallow root, designed to support and boost respiratory and immune system  (and soothe tiny voices) a natural way to get your little one to feeling better (this is awesome, as most of you moms know very few medicines are approved for kids under 4 for cold/respiratory/cough, so this as a natural, safe way to help get some relief) With fall here cold season is on the way, I love that this arrived in tie to have on hand BEFORE we need it so I am prepared.... the Dragon Slayer Mommy always suggests checking with your pediatrician before giving your little one any type of supplement or medication...

Paper Culture $25 gift card ($25) - I have not tried to use this yet, it says it is valid on invitations, announcements, or stationary. I think I will look at the stationary. I really need to use up all the various vouchers I have for paper product companies soon. I forget about them until I get a new one and I have qute the stack of them... I will be very well stocked once I use them all!

Real Mom's Love to Eat by Beth Aldrich paperback ($12.94) - This is the mommy item in this months Bluum box... I have just glanced through it but seems to have some nice recipes in it. This is certainly NOT something I would have bought myself, but anything with recipes in always a good things and who knows maybe it has some good advice (although I personally do not like Diet books at all... I do not typically discuss my daughters  much as they are grown (in their 20s) and deserve some privacy since they didn't as for their mom to become a blogger and share their business all over the internet but the Princess is a recovering anorexic/bulimic she also purged through exercise..which yes, is possible so I don't support any "Diet" industry things but will give this book a chance)

Happy Family Sunny Buddy Fruit Bites ($2.00)- OMG these are just  NASTY tasting...Tuffy spit them out the two times I tried to give them to him (so I tried one since he usually is not a picky eater...and it was the wort thing I can remember eating in YEARS... it took hours to get that taste out of my mouth... I seldom flat out say I hated anything (especially from a box...but seriously this was THAT bad)
***coupons were also included for various happy Family items, I do not include coupons in my price breakdown***

Disney Bambi Find and Fit Storybook
Little Learners Bambi Find and Fit Story Book ($9.99) -  What's not to love Bambi Storybook and puzzle in one. This has gone into my stack of things to give Tufy when we need a quiet activity to keep him occupied (Dr appointments, days I am having a tough time getting around and need to stay on the couch or bed, car trips...things like that... I love that because of our boxes we have a never ending supply of new play books and toys for him) ***I realized I didn't take a pic of this so I snagged the stock photo from the Parragon site since I was feeling lazy and didn't want to dig this back out (they are the publishers)***

Dream Baby Bath Toy bag ($5.00) - You know I actually logged onto Amazon last month to order one of these... we really NEED one... Tuffy uses the master bath (the BIG tub) well... stupid mommy didn't realize we don't have tile on the walls because we have a separate shower and tub...I keep saying I am going to set up the girls bathroom for Tuffy (because the girls don't live at home anymore) and I just haven't got around to it yet. I gave away the one I ordered from Amazon, so I will hang ion to this one for when I finally get around to redoing the hall bathroom for Tuffy (how should I decorate it...PLEASE comment and give me ideas..that is one of the reasons I haven't done it yet (I don't know what I want to do with it)

Peter Rabbit Organics Raspberry, Banana and blueberry 100% pure fruit snack pouch ($1.45) I know ya'll have seen me say a thousand time I would rather NOT receive pouches in my boxes because Tuffy is too old for them ... well, I am eating my words because about 2 weeks ago Tuffy suddenly decided he wanted ouches again... he saw some I had in a box of things I was saving for the peanut ..he took one out and demanded that I open it... well, sorry skater girl...peanut isn't getting the pouches his Uncle Tuffy decided he likes them again...go figure, 2 yr olds are so wishy washy...

The First Years Sipper Gripper spill proof cups set of two ($7.25) - I actually just bought a lot of sippy cups recently, so for once I didn't need any... that being said I have stuck these in my "stock up closet" for future use.... Sippy Cups are one of those things you pretty much always need to have on hand. I don't know about ya'll but sippy cups disappear around here as much as socks do... somewhere someday I will find a truckload of socks, sippy cups and hair ties that have mysteriously disappeared from my house... 
***a coupon for future use was also included, but I do not include coupon is my review cost breakdown***

All totalled my September bluum box was valued at $75.88, way more than the $24.95 cost of the box (I find that Bluum is consistently worth much more than the price of the box. I sometimes don't go all "gaga" over a Bluum box but when I look back on things Bluum almost ALWAYS has items we use everything in the box (well, not those pink socks from last month...but really Bluum is pretty consistent)
Click Here to order a Bluum box for your little one. Try the code "PAMPERS" for 50% off your first box, I am not sure if it is still working or not (but it's worth a shot).

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  1. The code still works, I just went through your link and used it. Plus, if you subscribe to anything other than 1 month box, you get a bonus subscription to either Parents of Family Fun magazine. Thank you!