Thursday, September 19, 2013

new giveaway announcement and preview of a few boxes

I wanted to say a big heart felt "Thank You" to all of ya'll for hanging in there with me during this last flare that completely did me in for a good bit...

I am back , feeling much better (knock on wood , but most recent med addition is doing awesome at keeping me moving around much better...which means the reviews are coming, lots of them!)

I will be launching a giveaway tomorrow afternoon (here is a hint... it is a giveaway with a company that I have done a giveaway with previously and it was a HUGE hit, and I can't wait to do it again for ya'll)

A few boxes that I will be reviewing over the next 3 days are some new ones that just launched Like project DIY (ya'll will LOVE this box, trust me), Vermont snacks, Makr box (I actually have 3 of these boxes sitting here to review for you, I got the first one just as I got so sick, so I am just gonna review them all together...I subscribed to this box within an hour of receiving my review box if that tells you how much I like it), Discover with Marta, Wantable (makeup and accessories), your Bijoux box (I actually have August and September to review on this box as well, again I got August just as I got so sick so I will review both together, but the September box is my fav of theirs ever), The Crowded Tub, and Mia Tempo, and Golden Tote...That is my "to do " list for now through Sunday night...I hope that all of that will actually make it to the blog by then...because I have so much more sitting here to be reviewed as well.

here are a few few pic (spoilers) to keep ya'll interested

also , please meet the newest members of the Dragon Slayer Household!!! This is Madison and Reba (Reba is the lighter color, and bigger than her sister Madison who is darker) They are 5 months old, German Sheppard/English Mastiff mix pups that are already about 50 pounds each and we expect them to get up to 125 to 150 before they are done growing. The plan is that one of these incredible little girls will become my service dog (this process will take YEARS, they are still babies) They are learning the basic things all puppies need to learn right now, but a little differently and then we will add in some more complicated commands and then in abuot a year or so The pup that shows the better service dog instincts/abilities will go to a special school 9I will go to school with her). The other pup will still be part of our family...for me an animal is a forever commitment... I just wanted to make sure ya'll realized both pups were here to stay no matter what, but one will likely become my other half (and in all reality both will likely do some basics to help me that they learn before school)
These pups are the most amazing pups I have ever had...I can tell they are bred for their personality, size, strength, and ability to learn...wicked smart little girls and seriously we have only had one accident in the house at all (and that was at 4am the night we brought them home, I just didn't get up in time) They simply don't do "bad things" once you correct them on something they just are like "ok, so I can't do it) well other than Madison chasing Curran (baby kitty) that one is my project at the moment... Madison REALLY wants to play with Curran, and well...he doesn't like the "playing" Romeo has adjusted to the new pups no big deal at all...Miss Libby, well she and Reba are doing just fine, but she and Madison are both energetic so they get to playing and then Libby decides she don't like it and starts snarling...but Madison still thinks Libby is Playing...that was to be expected though...this is the smoothest puppy transition period ever...and training ...they know basics, now time to teach myself so I can teach them some intermediate things.


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