I'm back... thanks for your patience!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hi everyone

I am so sorry I have been away for so long (wow, 3 weeks) I have not been doing well health wise (we will just leave it at that, no need to bore with details)

I am back finally, I will be posting at least once a day, more IF and only if I feel up to it

My plan to "catch up" on the reviews is as follows:

I will review the boxes I was sent to review by sub companies prior months ASAP and as I am catching up on those I will also be reviewing "current, incoming boxes for this month"

I obviously will not be able to review every box that I have received last month or this month (but all boxes sent for review purposes will be reviewed no matter what, also I will get all the small indie boxes reviewed as my next priority since that is where my true passion lies, bigger more mainstream boxes will be reviewed as I can) If there are any boxes you want to see reviewed please just post a comment here and let me know, I will try to get to all requests .

I will announce the winners for the giveaways that have closed over the last few weeks later this afternoon (I will notify the winners before posting here)

I will be announcing a new giveaway every day this week in order to catch up on my summer of giveaways that I was doing, so make sure you check in often...seriously, a giveaway every day this week (the first one will be announced just after the winners of the previous giveaways are announced)

Again, Thank you for being patient with me while I dealt with my dragon ...at the moment the dragon is winning, but I hope to turn the tables soon!

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One Response to “I'm back... thanks for your patience!”

  1. So happy you are back. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. The dragon will not win in the end!