Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ellie review/and 20% discount

 Click here to visit the site and get 20% off

 I think we all know I am far from a "work out" nut...in fact I do good to get some physical therapy, a little yoga, swimming or light walking in... so why am I talking to you about Ellie then....Well....let me explain the AWESOME things about this particular brand of clothing that is quite frankly will be a marketing jack pot if they ever turn in that direction...so you know how those like me  (and many of you , my "spoonie/dragon slayer readers...and even just my mom readers) so sometimes getting dressed is difficult...more so for some of us than others... I personally can not do buttons at all and zippers are a struggle but I can usually manage with some difficulty...so that leaves us with "pull on clothing" UGH.... you KNOW these clothes always make you look like a frumpy house wife OR like the great granny of your nightmares...so While I was recently in the hospital I decided I was NOT going to wear PJs as i HATE for people to come see me in PJs (It makes me too self conscious) and the sweats I put on made me look all frumpy so I had hubby help me into My Ellie "work out clothes" OMG.... lightening bolt struck from the sky and was like...."hello....what have YOU been thinking all this time....these clothes are PERFECT for spoonies and dragon slayer (and regular moms who just want comfortable clothing that is just "pull on " simple and still fashionable. 
click just below the two banners (where it says 20% off and it will take you to a shop section to browse collections...I personally only want/get stuff that can be worn away from the gym if you know what I mean (I do show a picture of what I am wearing right now below...and I have a size XL steroid butt so if I can wear it so can you)

 Click here to visit the site and get 20% off
Now I know some of the items are strictly work out but I will post a picture of what I am wearing right now as well as a picture of the next one I am ordering so you can see what I mean.
YOu can join the Ellie Fit Fashionist club (just to get clothes like I do) for $49.95 a month (that gets you one "set of clothing" an example of how much that saves is is the shirt below is regularly priced $44.95, the pants are usually $79.95...which is WHY you subscribe and just pay the 49.95 for a month, cancel when ever you want or just skip a month... and trust me they are very, very comfortable. I am ordering another pair tonight and I will keep showing ya'll my "cute, comfortable, pull on now hassle with puttons or zippers clothings which hey ladies...we have been saying "some one should make...." well they did so let's show them some support!!!


This is what I am wearing  (the shirt is called Pretty in Pearl and the pants are called Absolutely Onyx Capri)

so just click  below and that will take you straight to Ellie and you can save 20% off your first order by using my link...woohoo....

 Click here to visit the site and get 20% off


 Click here to visit the site and get 20% off

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