Monday, September 30, 2013

Blue Apron Subscription 50% off right now on Rue Lala

Blue Apron On Sale at Rue La La!

RueLaLa has Blue Apron for 50% off today and tomorrow!

Blue Apron is a on sale today and tomorrow only on  Rue LaLa
Regular Price for Blue Apron is $60 for 3 meals for 2 people, but it’s 50% off through Rue LaLa which breaks down to  $10 a meal that serves two.
1)Home delivery of ingredients for three dinners for two. (they do not deliver to all states because they want to make sure thew ingredients arrive fresh and in great quality...they do not ship Texas which is why I do not have a review to share with you)
2)you decide if you want beef, Chicken, fish or a vegetarian dinner then you will  receive the raw ingredients in one shipment to prepare all three of the meals you chose (needs to be made that week to guarantee freshness), plus easy-to follow recipe cards...but the best part they pre measure for you, shop for you and create the menu for you just open the box and follow directions
4)Your delivery is packed in a refrigerated box with biodegradable insulated liners to keep your food fresh (but again, not available in all Texas and Oklahoma I know can not get this box because they can't guarantee freshness)

If any of my readers to purchase this deal on RueLaLa, PLEASE let me know what you think about Blue Apron ... I might  just let one of you write a review of Blue Apron for me since I can not get it shipped to Texas....
Just click here Rue La La to go to the website and get your Blue Apron for 50% off

Actually while we are discussing Rue La La they have some AWESOME deals for children's toys, books, puzzles, and furniture (I am thinking about getting about getting Tuffy a bookshelf that they have for $49) amd yesterday I got a GREAT deal on Vera Bradley (I should have posted the link to that but yesterday was the last day and I purchased right as it was ending)
Guidecraft Expressions Book Display
This is the bookshelf I want to get for Tuff's room

Even if you don't like ANY of the stuff here that I have shown you it might be a good idea to sign up fr email alerts so you know what's coming up (it is all flash sales and some things sale out quick) I just glanced through the "coming soon" and it shows lots of stuff for kids coming up (I  am assuming that they are assuming people are already shopping for deals on Christmas gifts, which I already have most of my Christmas done thanks to flash sale sites and subscription boxes)

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