Friday, August 9, 2013

What's going on in my world

I had mentioned over the last few months that my baby sister (as in 10 years younger) was getting married this past weekend....

I over did it at the wedding (the day before the wedding was my first day doing infusions at the new bi weekly rate so I should have spent the weekend in bed, but ....yea, not so much) I am still trying to recover from the medication failure I had a month ago, the resulting drastic increase of meds and infusions, elevated disease activity so the posts are coming, slowly...but they ARE coming... 

I am feeling a good deal better now so as long as I take it easy I should be good to go again.

I got some really big news this week, my social security disability and medicare was approved (it is almost unheard of to get approved as quickly as I did...3 1/2 months from start to finish and approved the first time I applied) for my sick readers, before you ask HOW it was that I got approved so quickly... it was simply my medical records, I didn't "do" anything ... my medical records were all that was submitted as well as the report that shows the difficulties I have with everyday things that I need help with now (getting dressed, cleaning,laundry, cooking, bathing, grooming, and caring for my son are the ones I remember being on the disability report)

I have been blessed with some really incredible friends who have kept me sane over the last month, it has been a REALLY rough month here at  Dragon Slayer headquarters... for those of you who were there cheering me on, checking on me, listening to me vent, holding me while I cried...Thank You... I know it can't be easy to be along for the ride with me, this roller coaster I am on isn't fun...I have no choice but to deal with it, but ya'll choose to be part of this crazy world I live in.... I know it isn't easy....Thank You, you have no idea how much it means to me...

Now back to Boxes... I have so many new boxes to share with ya'll... August is going to be an awesome month with all the new and exciting boxes to review as well as giveaways I have planned
Over the weekend I will be finishing up The Crowded Tub, Ellie, Jungle Stand, tasterie, Five Four Club, Blissimo, and The Happy Dog Box....maybe more this weekend if I have time

I will be launching another giveaway on Sunday so be watching for that...

now here are a few pics of my beautiful baby sis on her wedding day



  1. Love you Kimberlee! Congrats on the SSD, I gave up on mine after a denial and my appeal denied. Your sister is beautiful, just like her big sister! <3

  2. What a happy day to have the SSD come through and so fast - congrats! Looks like a lovely day for your sisters wedding. Wishing you all the best!