Sunday, August 11, 2013

***update on Woof Wag Play box***

I didn't realize this but Woof Wag Play does not auto renew (so if you bought a one month box previously you will need to re-order to get this moths box) That is great for those who don't like long term commitments or don't want to hassle with canceling a subscription...

Tomorrow (Monday the 12th) is the last day to order the August box

you can use code FBRNWWPBOX your box as well (total is $31 after shipping is added on ($24 for box an hipping) 

you can see my previous reviews of the Woof Wag Play boxes Here (June) and here (July) and enter my Woof Wag Play Giveaway here (it will be September's box given away since contest ends after August ordering deadline)

be sure you let them kow that the dragon slayer mommy sent you!

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