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July Tasting Trunk (Healthy Trunk) and discount code

Ok so I am a BIT behind on this review... I think I got the box several weeks ago (and I think most if not all the snacks are long gone)

So this new tasting trunk box is unusual in that you can choose your trunk theme and change it as often as you want they have Gourmet, Sweet, Healthy, and BBQ...  this review is of the Healthy Trunk and my next one will be a gourmet trunk I have decided.

The biggest thing I noticed and that sticks in my mind is the incredible details that the tasting trunk uses in it's exquisite packaging!
The above is a picture of the wax seal on the outside of the box...yep the outside of the box...

This is the inside box lid and again with the wax seal, I really like the packaging o this but wait the best is below...

First Look at the box ever...umm...yes I love the old neswpaper wrapping ...

Inside the newspaper wrapping was info cards, recipe cards and some coupon codes for things... I really liked the paper it was on (I know I am so off topic, but I haven't actually got to the food yet)

This was the first peek at the actual yummies... and I was pretty "dang" happy at what I saw....

Vigilant Eats Organic Oat-Based Cereal "super food" in coconut maple vanilla flavor $3.99- first off this flavor just sounds delicious ..BUT... the directions on this had me wanted me to add cold water or milk (I guess to eat like an actual cereal like a cold cereal, but this looked more of a hot cereal to I added the suggested amount of liquid but made it boiling water and let it sit a bit to "cook" I was right the flavor was incredible but really the texture was hard to handle...maybe the hot cereal way was a bad idea, but not sure how I feel about the cold way (just can't wrap my head around it)

Vigilant Eats Organic Oat-Based Cereal "super food" in Goji-Cacao flavor $3.99-  I will be honest, I haven't tried this one... the other one just didn't do it for me... I know I will eventually try this (or maybe I can get hubby to try it) I think this is one I may just have to say no thanks to.

Thoughtful Food Giddy Up & Go Granola Seriously Seedy flavor $1.63- We are big granola fans here and gluten free is always best if possible (we don't "have" to be gluten free but it does help with my over all inflammation internally as well as joints so I try to go gluten free a good chunk of the time... this one did not disappoint and I loved all the seeds in it. very satisfying!

Thoughtful Food Giddy Up & Go Granola Notoriously Nutty flavor $1.63- again granola doesn't last long in this house...Tuffy munched through this with is morning yogurt one morning... that boy loves his yogurt and granola in the mornings let me tell you (he is 2 so he is in a "food routine" and this is his preferred breakfast)

San Franola all natural hand roasted WITH raisins $2.00- I do not like raisins, let me just say that now... I just don't (I do like the cranberry and blueberry type ones...just not regular raisins) so I had planned to give this to Tuff Stuff since I didn't want to dig the dreaded little shrunken fruit out but I popped some in my mouth to taste it and I quickly changed my mind... he got our regular brand gluten free granola wit his yogurt that morning and I dug through the nasty bits and scarfed this down with my coffee.

Peeled Snacks apple clusters $1.06- We have received these several times in various boxes and Tuff Stuff really enjoys them so I was happy to see them (a side note the berry flavored ones are much better than the plain ones...but Tuffy is good either way)

Dang Toasted Coconut Chips $3.20- these are addictive and should be eaten with caution because you WILL want more and I will admit I ate the entire bag in one sitting... and didn't share  (well I think I mixed some in with Tuffy's granola...but not much)

Nunes Farms Sweet Chipotle Almonds $2.48- Let me just say I adore the combination of sweet and spicy and I love salty so this was a home run from the get go but seriously they were better than I had even hoped... must get more...

California Crunchies-Maui onion almonds $2.75- I was a good girl and planned thse as a sald topping , but wanted to devour the bag (these are on the shopping list as well)

Nibnaks Apple Cosmo flavor $0.79 - I thin I have talked about Tuff Stuff's love of NibNaks before (I really just need to order some straight from them ) so far he hasn't met a nibnak he didn't like!

Imperial organic organic green tea goji berry $ 5.29- I am not a big green tea fan myself, but the princess is and she was happy to take this off my hands and seemed to like it a great deal.

Glorybee Foods fruit flavored honey sticks. 5 pack $1.99- I would like to have tried these, I really would...but, Kitty Kat has a honey obsession (and we don't often talk about her here in my reviews since she is my picky daughter and isn't really into girly stuff) but Honey... yes, she loves it and put it on everything (even corn...really...promise "I" didn't teach her that my EX did) so when she saw these she snagged them almost before I could take the picture and mumbled "finally something for me" or at least I think that is what she said... I will be buying a great deal of these evidently... maybe I should buy one case of 5 packs for her and one for the rest of us...

All Totalled my July tasting trunk was valued at $30.80 which is more than the $29.00 cost of the trunk, but just barley (but that's OK this is a great gift style packaged box and with the healthy snacks I get so many of them anyway from other boxes it all  evens out. I am getting the gourmet trunk this month and can't wait to try it ... my weakness...foodie stuff..

If you want to get a Tasting trunk of your own, or look around and check out all the yummy varieties (Sweet, Healthy, Gourmet, and BBQ trunks) chick here Tasting Trunk website and use code "DRAGONSLAYER30" for 30%  off your first trunk... and enjoy!!!

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