Thursday, August 8, 2013

July Olio Luxe Box

As I have mentioned many, many times the package I look forward to the most every month is my Olio Luxe "box" . I know that whatever creations arrive in my mailbox it is going to be fabulous for me or another member of my family.

For those who are still unfamiliar with the awesomeness that is Oili Luxe Skincare, let me give you a brief explanation... this is a line of skincare that is all natural, often vegan, handmade in small batches with love. The owner is passionate about what she does and that shows in the quality of her offerings. This is not just a monthly subscription service (although she has a limited number of monthly subscription boxes available every month she has an entire line of items for purchase in her online store.) The monthly boxes do offer the first opportunity to try new products before they are introduced in the store as well as box exclusives, and brand favorites. The box is $22.00 per month and worth every dime of it!

July's theme was "Happy Birthday" the owner/creator celebrated her birthday in July and this monthy box was a fun, lighthearted package of goodies.

Cucumber Mist Foaming face wash - This is an incredible smelling face wash (I believe I detect spearmint  in there as well...but I could be wrong)... whatever it is I love it... so does my oldest so as soon as this is available for purchase I will be buying another bottle for her to take with her.

Mud Monster Scrub- The funny thing about getting this in the mail I had just went looking for another scrub I had purchased from Olio Luxe (Azuki Luxe scrub) because I was feeling like I needed a good scrub and pampering day... so this was perfect timing and this was an awesome addition to my scrubs (loved the way it felt after I took it off)

Cabana Breeze After Sun & Body oil- I actually haven't tried this (although it smells very nice) my illness as well as the medications I take actually make the sun pretty harmful to me so when I do have to be outside I am covered head to toe in sunscreen, a big floppy hat and if possible jeans and long sleeves as well as sunscreen (sometimes as high as SPF 100 if I am in shorts and short sleeves) I plan to give this to a cousin who spends a lot of time in the sun.

Mint Chocolate Chip Massage Balm- This smelled just like mint chocolate chip... while it wasn't really "my thing" it was the PERFECT thing for my youngest daughter  (and honestly very few of my box items "are right for her" so anytime I get something that fits her personality even if I love it myself I tend to give it to her...but this was perfect she was needing a new moisturizing balm and this was exactly perfect for her... the likeness to mint chocolate chip ice cream scent was amazing.

Pixie Dust- this was the "Birthday Present" included in this month's package... and I love it, we can all use a little magic in our lives and it brought a huge smile to my face and perked me up during what was a very, very bad time for me health wise.... it was as if Miss Amanda somehow new I needed "something" to put the sparkle back into my life if only for awhile.

I didn't do a price breakdown on this months Olio Luxe box because as of this moment none of these items are available for purchase, typically I get the estimated prices from Olio Luxe prior to a review but between my not feeling well and her getting ready for her son to start school we really haven't had a chance to discuss it.
I do believe that this is worth far more than the $22 it costs for a monthly box (this month Miss Amanda sent me my box free of charge as a kind and thoughtful "pick me up" , as I said above it has been a very rough month for me and my dragon....but as I have stated on multiple occasions I would pay much more than the current cost of this box... trust me once you try these products you will be hooked (I recommend starting with the Rose Gold Luxe oil and the Shine in vanilla)

You can order your own Box (or any of the wonderful items in the Olio Luxe line) HERE

the Olio Luxe Facebook page (which I do recommend following her on facebook because of the special announcements can be found HERE

***this box was provided free of charge, but all thoughts, and comments re my own ...I did not receive any compensation for this review***


  1. These products look wonderful! Thank you for sharing them in such a wonderful review!

    - Laura

  2. I absolutely LOVE my Olio Luxe boxes, I highly recommend this brand... if I had to go down to just one box for myself, this would be the one I kept for myself hands down

  3. I really want to try this box, on my ever growing list

  4. I'm pretty sure this would be a great one for my younger sister!

  5. What an awesome box! I would love to try this service!