Thursday, August 1, 2013

July From the lab

One of the boxes that I have been needing to get around to reviewing was my July From The Lab Box, this is my second month receiving the From The Lab box and I am very impressed with the products they send out...

a review of what From The Lab is since it is still relatively new...
From the lab is still a relatively small subscription company that is unlike any beauty box I can think of on the market. They have bypasses the middle man and have partnered up with different labs around the world to create products for their clients... the website explains all of this much better than I ever could , here is a small bit of what they have to say:

That is what is revolutionary about From the Lab. We bypass the lengthy marketing and distribution timelines of big retail brands and go directly to the source – labs that develop, innovate, and formulate, using their own patented ingredients for some of the top prestige brands globally.

Our process begins with selecting the most exciting and innovative products that our labs are offering to the international beauty industry. These products are fully approved, tested, and ready for release before we ask beauty editors and focus groups of women just like you to help us make our final selections.

The items this month, in addition to being pretty great are designed to combat the heavy-metals found in today's society that cause premature aging, uneven completion, as well as fight your normal aging process of fine lines, dryness and wrinkles...

24 Hour Face Cream # 578- First off let me say this is a rather scented product (which normally is a complete turn off for me but I actually like this one and didn't react to it so it was all good.... I will say it was still risky to be as scented as it is for some clients), now that I have said my peace abut the heavy scent let's talk about the product... it did leave my skin soft and smooth, and evened out my fact family members commented that I looked healthier (but I was also having a "good" week as far as my health goes) I think with prolonged use this would certainly show improvement with skin tone and fine lines, certainly with the dryness I experience from my meds. I am passing this on to my mom now that I have completed my review week with it and I think she will see a very big difference using this... I will report back on this in a month or two... it is just too scented for me to continue to use daily, but is very effective. I know some people want their face creams scented like a perfume (my mom is one of those people, it's just a personal preference)

Eye Cream # 579- I am happy to report this one is not heavily scented which makes me happy! Let me say this eye cream was pretty awesome (as in I think I am switching from my much loved preferred brand of skin care to this eye cream) I noticed less puffiness and bags under my eyes the first day (big plus in my book) and also the entire eye area looked smoother, and over all more "glowing" at the end of my test week... this one is a KEEPER

I actually do not know how to price these since they are not "branded" but I assume they would cost more than $30 for both for sure.
The regular cost of this box is 29.99, but everyone who signs up now while they are running their charter membership special can lock in  the 19.99 price (a 33% savings every month just for getting in while they are launching) I think they have actually grown quite quickly and may have a waiting list at this time, I highly recommend getting on the waiting list while deciding if you want to can see the review from last month Here (last month was AWESOME products)
Every month will be a different set of products (1 to  3 every month) all of the same high quality made just for from the lab.
One aspect I didn't really get to explore was the "social" part of the from the lab membership, since I was given a box to review I don't have an "account login" but one of the really cool features (or at  least I think it would be cool) is that you can log in to your account and talk to other members about the products ya'll received and swap tips and such...come on ya'll know ya love the "box specific group stuff as much as I do) they also have videos with tips on the account login members area.

I think this is an incredibly awesome company, love the whole idea of bypassing the middle man and the price markups and just getting the best quality product possible and at a really good price (especially at the charter membership rate of $19.99)

you can sign up here, or just explore a bit and see what they are all about.-------->from the lab

I do not know if they have a referral program in place yet being such a new company, but it never hurts if you let them know that the dragon slayer mommy sent you :~)

***this box was provided for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own and no compensation was received for my review***

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  1. Looks like an interesting box to subscribe to, I have sensitive skin and as a result am very picky about what brands of products I'll use. I always love to try new products but try to avoid any ones I'm not sure about. I think I may try this box sometime, thank you for sharing it!

    - Laura