Tuesday, August 13, 2013

July Bluum-Vroom! (26 months) and discount code

Bluum unlike most boxes have "themes for the month by age" so at 26 months all kids get the 'VROOM box" although that box varies based on current season, ad items that are stocked...but the theme is always the same (and VROOM doesn't mean cars...it's about interactive play as the information card explains)

Vroom (26 months) we got this as our July Box, but I am just now getting around to the review (and it's almost time for our next one) this was a box packed full of some great stuff!

Melissa & Doug Birthday Bear Press & Spin Game $9.99 - this is actually for ages 3 and up (the box is for a 26 month old) BUT I prefer to get things "ages up" in our boxes because we get so many of them and so many items that this way we can put items up for later (or many of them he can use now because he plays with toys that are more advanced....if that makes me a bad mommy //oh, well) anyways, this one IS a bit too advanced still so it is in the closet (perhaps for Christmas?) a gift for a friends child, or donation to CASA this fall.

Go Go Squeeze Apple Sauce pouches (two) $4.98- I am not a fan of pouches in our boxes at this age, but I sent these to a friend who does like them. When Tuffy was younger I loved seeing them, not so much now that he is older. That being said, they are a good brand, and were put to good use and I know many mom's do like them (even when the kids are over 2)

Sneakz organic chocolate milkshake (two) - $5.26- my son LOVES these... so I am always happy to see them and this arrived at the perfect time since we had just run out of them (and they are kinda expensive at Sprouts, think I need to look into buying wholesale, since they were about a dollar more each at Sprouts last time I looked than this Amazon Price...luckily I get a LOT of them in boxes so we stay stocked up)

Kid Fun beach ball $ 1.00 (I guessed the price, I know I have seen similar at the Dollar tree)- This seemed a little random for the box, but it was the July box and my son spends a LOT of time in the pool so we were actually happy to get this random or not.

Busy Day Press and Play Sound Book $15.99- This is a welcome addition, this is perfect for car trips (even if it does drive me nits) and for days mommy needs him to play on the bed while I rest some... I like having things like this that are new and engaging to give him on my really bad days so that I can entertain him while staying in bed when I really have to  (just need to remember batteries,in that tote as well.... lesson learned)

Strivictin-EV get even brightening serum 0.25oz $ - 16.99 (Amazon price) - This was the "mommy gift" in the box, that they sometimes add in... unlike some, I always welcome the mommy additions... this was a great treat to find in the July box!

All totalled my July Vroom (26 months box) from Bluum was valued at $ 54.21, which is an awesome value considering the monthly cost is $24.95 for this box normally (less with multiple month subscriptions) you can try discount code "Pampers" for 50% off  your first box (not sure if it is still working) 

Want your own box, or to check out the website click here
Bluum also has a point system similar to BirchBox so you review the items you receive each month for points towards a free box ...and you using that referral link above to order a box gives points too :~)

This is one of our favorite boxes so feel free to check out the reviews from other months as well!

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