Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July Bark Box and discount code for $12.00 off box

My July Bark Box arrived a few weeks ago , but as you know between the surprise side effects with my new meds, health issues and my sister's wedding I am running behind for July boxes

First Look into thebox

WIGZI.COM- large pocket bone in green $13.99 - This bone has a dual purpose, a chew toy (seems even Libby chew proof) as well as having little pockets to hide treats in ...Miss Libby needs to be stimulated when we are gone so this is perfect!

Mr. Barksmith’s Smoothies for Dogs $1.33- I haven't given this to the furry babies yet (I need to buy a second ice cream type treat because they do NOT share well with this type of thing... I already know that the love this type of yummy...Romeo is my Peanut Butter fanatic so likely he will get this one and I will get Libby one she likes next time I am in town and they can have it the next afternoon after their potty break.

safemade for BarkBox flexi-bowl $4.00- I was so happy to see this..I never seem to have a bowl for Libby when we take Tuff Stuff for walks and tend to throw a Tupperware bowl in the bottom of the stroller...now this one can just stay with the stroller since when I fold the stroller up this will fold too.

Clear Conscsience Sliders (human grade pet snacks)$ 4.98- we received one in Beef and Cheddar and one in Chicken and Cheddar ... Romeo as usual gobbled this up to quickly to savor it...Miss Libby who eats like a dainty southern belle ate it slowly and seemed to appreciate the freshness (it smelled kinda good) I think I may get Libby a box of these for extra special treats (like when she is having an anxiety attack and takes her medicine like a good puppy girl)

Max & Ruffy’s Natural Organic Treats for Dogs $5.25- We have received this brand many times, but not this banana and coconut flavor... Romeo seems pretty happy but Miss Libby hasn't decided about them yet (she isn't much of a fruit eater though)

No Grainers soft chews (small training size) $4.49- OMG my big babies LOVE these little treats... already ordering more! These treats fit nicely in the treat bone toy as well and they both enjoy playing with that.

Romeo was pretty happy with his new goodies, but not with having to take his picture

All Totalled our Bark Box was worth $,34.04 which is a great deal considering the cost is $29 (as low as $19 a month with multiple month discounts) also using this link will get you $5.00 off your first box just clickHere (Bark Box) also just found out today that they are offering$12.00 off your first box for a limited time (that is an amazing deal. click here Bark Box and use code "FBFAN12X" to get your first box for just $15.00...

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  1. Really awesome! I especially love the peanut butter smoothie! My husband and I love to spoil our dog, I always love finding something special for him to enjoy.

    - Laura