Thursday, August 8, 2013

FLASH SALES (hurry before they are gone)

Right Now a few of the "deal sites" have some really good specials going on involving some great subscription boxes, but these won't last long so I didn't want to add them to the discount/coupon page. I will list the deal site and then the special(s) below it. If you don't already have an account with the deal sites, I would very much appreciate oif if you would sign up using my link so I get referral don't even have to purchase just sign up for a free account (enough referral credits and I can give one or two of thee away to my come on and let's get some credits for future giveaways)

Bespoke Post Box-(this sale ends 8/12/13)  regularly price at  $45 per month you can get it on  right now 1 month for $29.00 (shipping is included), 2 months for $58(shipping included) , and 3 months for $87(shipping included) as youcan tell this is a wonderful way to try this box out (and the voucher is good until mid November so it can be used for Christmas gifts...reddem in mind november and the December box will be first box) not sure what this box is all about, check it out here Bespoke Post... I think I am getting this one myself! Also if you are on Wrapp and haven't already used the $10 voucher then you can have a Wrapp friend send it to you to take that $10 off this as well (so you COULD actually get one month for $19)

For The Makers Box (this sale ends 8/14/13)- reguarly priced at $29 a month, right now on you can a 3 month subscription for just $65.00 shipping IS included (reguarly $87) and a 6 month subscription for $130 shipping IS included (reguarly $174) For The Makers is a do it yourself box that I have been dying to try (I am not a crafty person as I have mentioned but thee boxes look like they would be something I could do and enjoy...would certianly be a creative, fun and productive way pass some of my down time... I think I will have to try this one out too since I have been very curious about this particular box for awhile now

(not a box, bust a really great deal so I included it) 24 hair ties in assorted colors on Plum District with the new code FanLove25 which takes 25% off knocking it down to $11.25 for all 24 plus free shipping

Blissimo Box- 
$9 for a Blissmo Mini-Snack Box - $14 Value (pay 99 cents shipping on Blissimo site as well) again try using FANLOVE25 to get 25% off this one as well

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