Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yuzen favorites Box (limited edition box)

I have been dying to get off the Yuzen waiting list and we eligible for their quarterly subscription boxes...but alas, not yet...hopefully this fall...

When Yuzen announced that they were releasing a limited edition "favorites box" this summer and anyone could purchase it even if they were still on the waiting list I was as giddy as a school girl...not only was I finally getting a Yuzen box, it was going to be a box that is already proven to be be favorite items....happy dance, happy dance!!!

For those who are unfamiliar with Yuzen, Since it is only released every 3 months there are not a whole lot of reviews simply because the limited number of boxes (as I said I have been waiting on the wait list forever it seems just to be eligible to subscribe to the service) 

did I mention yet how happy I was they allowed anyone to purchase the limited edition Yuzen favorites Box??!!?

this is how Yuzen describes it's self and I have to whole heartily agree with all of this....

Yuzen offers a box of elegant items to subscribers every 3 months. We have seen the emergence of the sample box trend, but many do not offer products that are eco-friendly, natural, or organic. We focus on the experience of relaxation, pause and delight that each box embodies. Our selection and packaging is carefully designed for a well rounded offering of surprise presented in an elegant package. Most of our products are premium sample-sized which can last well over a month.  Each box is also valued at much more than the subscription price. We recognize that consumers have begun asking where they can find the purest and best quality products, but are often overwhelmed by all the choices. Each Yuzen box selection is carefully curated to provide amazing, healthy lifestyle products people can trust while being convenient

As the top picture above shows my Yuzen favorites box came wrapped nicely with a pretty ribbon and bow, one I opened the box this was the extra touches that greeted me...such care was taken in the presentation of these boxes... just one of the many reasons I so desperately have been wanting to subscribe to Yuzen.

The first peek into my Yuzen favorites did not disappoint, I quickly grabbed my information card and started checking everything out... such excitement!

Coola cucumber mineral facial sunscreen $36.00-  this organic mineral sunscreen is light weight and creates a matte finish...perfect for everyday use even under makeup without getting a shine. (this sunscreen is worth more than the cost of the entire box already)

spa technologies hydrating laminaria oil organic geranium & spirulina 2 oz $12.25- I have been falling in love with various organic oils for skin, nails and hair over the last few months. I am eager to test this one out it is a 100% pure seaweed oil scented with Ylang Ylang and bitter orange (I received a similar combination in a recent green grab bag and love it as a hair oil) This is meant to be used on your skin all over as oposed to some I use that are just for the face.... I assume this would also work on face and hair as well... awesome, very happy to get this since I am currently trying to find "the " oil for my body and hair.... found the one for my face already that I love.

Cowgirl desert recovery cleanser 2 oz $ 7.25 - described as a creamy cleanser with a light refreshing scent. Organic antioxidants and vitamins leave the skin with a healthy glow and helps minimize age lines 

JJ's sweet sea salt Cocomels 5 piece pocket pack $3.99- I have had these before (I think in a Love with food box) and they are absolutely delicious...hard to believe something organic can taste this good.

Essence of Vali perfume sample$0.50 - I totally guessed on the value of the EOV perfume sample (this is described as a warm floral,slightly,citrus scent that's sensual and serene at the same time.... I describe it as awesome smelling... I can't believe that I was missing out on all natural and organic things for so many years because I thought they would be "icky and gross" even if they were good for me... this totally proves my point!

Curran (AKA baby Kitty) wanted to be in this review evidently,,,,he refused to stay out of the photo shoot.

LA FRESH Travel Sachets $2.25 (again a guess on the value, and I guessed on the lower side) included are :

LA FRESH Waterproof makeup remover (1 wipe)
LA FRESH instant body soother (1 wipe)
LA Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleaner- (1 wipe)

Baby Kitty just looks too adorable curled up in the box

Jane Iredale's lip treatments $12.00 (borrowed this guess of $4.00 each from the March review of ramblings of a suburban mom since it is the same trio and I couldn't find a cost)

OK, now my favorite part of the box ... ya'll know I love my lip stuff!!

Just Kissed Lip & Cheek stain in forever pink. I actually didn't already have a lip and cheek stain which considering my lip collection is amazing (I must have given them away or something because I am certain I should have received some in boxes before now...anyways I LOVE this, multi purpose products always make me happy, and lip products make me happy so this is like a birthday present!

Just Kissed Lip Plumper in Tokyo- this is not my usual color, but in all honestly I love all lip products equally one they come home to live with me so I WILL use this and I more than likely I will end up loving it just as I do all my others (you know how most of you feel about shoes...yep, that is how I feel about lip items)

Just Kissed Lip Drink- this is a colorless lip moisturizer that makes lips healthier looking plus it has SPF in it as well this little baby may become my new best friend...looking forward to trying this!!

All totaled my Yuzen favorites box totaled $ 74.24 and this box only cost $29.00, This was such a great value and I liked the items so much I really think I am ordering a second box just to use as gifts.

I can't wait to be "off the wait list" and able to subscribe to the quarterly boxes, but I am so happy I got a chance to get the favorites box since it was kind of a "best of box"  I have read that some of the items in the Favorites Box may vary but the Coola and the Spa Technologies will be in every box with the other items possibly being different, I have seen another variation and I did like it quite a bit (but to be honest I like this one better so happy I got thisone with the lip items)

If you want to buy a Yuzen favorites Box for yourself(or to get on the waiting list for the regular box) or to send a favorites box as a  gift just click here -----> Yuzen box

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