Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What's NEW with the gals at Ambition Box? (Interview)

Ambition Box

Late last month Ambition box let me know that they were sending me my usual subscription complimentary for this month when I let them know I had not received my invoice for July, I then asked if they would also consider a giveaway ...which they graciously offered up multiple giveaways for you as you will see in the next few days...

 anyway one thing lead to another and we started chatting about the future of Ambition box and what these ladies have planned... it is so unlike anything I have ever seen or heard of with a Subscription box so I thought I would share it with you here as well. 

I will go ahead and say right now that I was a subscriber to Ambition Box in it's "pre-launch" days and I believed in them and this box (and I did not know them personally, just my typical desire to support small indie companies)... I took a great deal of "crap" and attacks on my blog from those who were "smarter and better educated in the ways of subscriptions than I" because I didn't say that they sucked right out of the gate (those who did that only made me more determined to support these ladies in their quest) No, I won't answer which board did it...I am sure many of you already know as it has been topic of discussion since I typically let the boards know I just posted a new review of this box and that if they have something to say just get it over with...that being said.... this is a honest Q & A between myself and the owners of Ambition box (who until this very moment likely had no idea I have been defending them OR my right as a blogger to like their box .....although these days very few people have anything but GREAT things to say about Ambition box I am happy to report!

1) what inspired you to start your company, and how did you come of with the name/design?
- We were inspired to start Ambition Box simply because we didn't see an all in one box offering the products and care that we do. We want Ambition Box to be way more than a subscription service. Our diamond design was the hardest part. we wanted something that looked visually strong but also appealing to women. What's not to love about the diamond? It's a girls best friend, And Ambition Box was born.
2) how do you determine what items will go in your box every month?
- Products that are placed into subscribers boxes depend on what we receive in the profile. We try to give you products that you would like, and you wouldn't normally purchase. Getting feedback from Questionnaires also helps with what we place in boxes. We try all of our products before they go out to you. We always ask ourselves is this a product that we would like to use or be excited about? We try to give you products with great deals, but we do also through in some splurge products as well because every one deserves it now and then!
3) I have been a subscriber since your pre-launch sign up because I love to support small businesses, so I have seen first hand the "personal touches" that you include in your boxes, and know what kind of work and passion goes into your box. But Some are always afraid to try a younger company...what would you like to say to them to make them understand that although you are new, and small you have a GREAT box, provide personal service and really a very good value in my experience?
- We both understand not wanting to go head first into something with out knowing much. Both my sister and I are very honest when it comes to business and life. We dedicate our hearts to making subscribers happy with their boxes, our team has early mornings and late nights. Every email that comes in is read and responded to. We are always on our Facebook and Twitter. If you ever have questions it doesn't take long to receive a response. Your never just purchasing a box and that's it. We want to change the way you see subscription companies. We are not the same as the rest we are a family and our subscribers are as well.
4) I know that you just redesigned your website and added an online store, would you like to talk about that a little bit?
- We have just launched an online store for our subscribers to be able to purchase the amazing products they have tried and some they haven't. Our store right now is small but will be growing. You can now sign up with an account and track your orders as well as your points you have accumulated. We also have a live chat M-F from 7a-6pm (PST) for any questions you may have.
5) What are your plans for the future of Ambition box?
- We have many different things planned for Ambition Box. Right now we are beta testing an Ambitious Rep Program where you can become a rep for Ambition Box and share the love of the boxes with customers at home parties! Plus you can make money selling boxes while having a girls night. This is something we have wanted to do since we launched, and we are finally beta testing it. Were really excited about this program!!
Ambition Box is a whole new look on beauty. We are not just thinking outside of the box, we are tipping the box over  We would love the opportunity to become your Ambition Box.

Tomorrow I will be reviewing the July Ambition Box, and on Friday I will launch the first of 5 (yes FIVE) giveaways launched by the ladies at Ambition Box...


  1. I don't recommend this box. I decided to give them a try for the October box. I paid my invoice they sent. Come the middle of November-no Ambition Box-no answer from them. I filed a case through Paypal and what do you know-an answer! They said they were sending it- it had just been "hectic" there the past couple of weeks. Well today my "box" arrived.It was a bubble envelope with hand written addresses. Inside there was a single piece of tissue paper with a very small items wrapped inside. There was a sample of Demeter roll-on that was in August's box, a cheap clumpy mascara,a sample packet of tape,3 single use packets of lotion , and 3 cheap flimsy makeup brushes. I've seen the reviews-I'm a blogger myself. I've never received a worse box or even one that I gave a bad review on. These items didn't total $15 and I didn't even get the courtesy of them throwing them in an actual Ambition Box. Unbelievably unprofessional.

    1. read what I wrote below, if you need documentation to get a refund I think what I have will cover it.

  2. I got a box even worse than that... I got "whores r us" ronald mc donald red bronzer (gotta be $ store stuff), 3 foil pack lotions 3 sad little brushes (well 1 brush, 1 lip brush and like an eyeliner brush that shed all over the bubble wrap (I will let my son use them to paint with at craft time...I doubt the brushes were even a complete dollar store set) oh...I DID get the perfume as well... which was a duplicate for me sine I got it this summer (I DO like the perfume though)...even hubby that will be one hell of a review...just opened it about an hour ago... I am doing a charge back on my CC no way this is $15 of merchandise...I will send it back but postage will cost moe than it is past boxes weer pretty good...this is a scam box this time...plain and simple especially considering it wasn't shipped until I filed a paypal claim (5 weeks late and then miraculously it was shipped same day) and funny how when I posted on the wall to you actually I think Anderea? to file a claim the page was locked down and comments deleted...I have all the back and forth they sent me for weeks saying it had already been shipped and so on and so on...I will get my money back from Visa...this time they were flat out scamming people...I will be doing a HUGE post about this

    1. Can't wait to read it. Here was my review..

  3. oh and if my readers don't know just to be clear I am the Dragon Slayer MOMMY and I do NOT support this box at all anylonger

  4. I feel so validated reading this. Finally I'm not the only who has been cheated by this company. I signed up in the pre-launch with a 6 month prepaid subscription. Well, I'm out $75 dollars and only received 3 boxes (of junk). I've been messaging them everyday on Facebook and they just reply with I didn't read the fine print and cancel within the second month and that they don't do refunds just because you don't like the items. I tried to present the issue as simple math--paid for 6, received 3 but that went over their heads. I wish I could get it back but I paid out of my bank account, not credit card.

  5. This is the reply I got this morning--you might it amusing (and pretty sad):

    "Sorry your the smart one that paid for a subscription and then you
    want to sit and complain. Make sure you read the fine print Genius..

    If your so smart then when you prepaid you would of made sure to read our cancellation policy and not just ASSume that you could get a refund if you wished to. YOUR ERROR once again!

    We only owe you 1 box and that is what you will get. Not a refund because you don't know how to read everything when you sign up for things. Sorry your not that special dear...

    And your lucky that your even getting that since your an idiot who doesn't understand anything...

    Stop with your complaining it annoying!!!!!!

    Stop sending messages because we are tired of your complaining.. Get it together...Good day Sir!!!"

    This kind of reply doesn't sound like a couple of responsible, professional young women to me. And not sure where the Sir part came from.

  6. Ummm, it so funny to me that they want to keep calling you an idiot and ect..but her freaking grammar is atrocious! If you are going to try and put someone down,hun, make sure you take english classes first so you don't sound so ignorant! Maybe you are a little "SPECIAL" Ambition Box- what a joke!!!

    "If your so smart" If you're so smart..
    "Sorry your not that special"..Sorry, you're not that special
    "And your lucky that your even getting that since your an idiot who doesn't understand anything..." OMG>>I was giving free lessons but hell, she needs a whole course!!

    And the's a saying and actually should be Sirrah! These people are losing their asses in Paypal..

  7. By the way Kim..gave you a link back from my blog..