Friday, July 5, 2013

What's going on in my world

Last week I said that from here on out on Fridays I would be taking the day off" from reviews since I haven't been resting after my treatments....

well.. I have already done my treatment like a good girl, and I AM in bed,but I think this week I am going to do a couple reviews this evening

I still have a handful more June boxes to review and I would really like to get them done since my first few July boxes arrived today as well..

So still for June I will be reviewing Tasterie, Nature Box, The fantasy box, Yuzen favorites, Tuck In's, Pampered Pink Box, the homegrown collective, and a 5 4 Club box for hubby...not sure if it is June or July actually...haven't opened it yet... I told myself I can't open any more boxes until I review what is open....

So far for July I have received Healthy surprise, Volupties, and UMCheeky

At least I think that is all of them...I keep the boxes I am not "working on" in another room and I am in bed resting so there may be a couple more

I hope everyone had a great 4th

Tomorrow I will have an updated coupon code list for ya'll as well (or that is the plan)

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