Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Summer of Giveaways begins today!!!

     summer of giveaways

one giveaway a week for the next twelve weeks

The below pictures are just "teasers" and the actually giveaway for each item will have in depth information for the boxes/items included in the giveaway as well as more detailed pictures, this is just an over view of the giveaways  that will be occurring this summer here at the dragon slayer mommy...the more people you refer to sign up to the dragon slayer mommy the more entries you will receive in each giveaway. 

Each individual giveaway over the next 10 to 12 weeks will explain the different ways to earn bonus entries daily... 

I am so very thankful to EVERY company that helped make my summer of giveaways idea a reality by sponsoring my giveaways...and there are more coming  too...just working out the details, 

with out you my readers, none of this would be possible... I can only get sponsors because my readers are so awesome and you click on my little links...keep clicking the links and ordering boxes (the discounts make it easy) and the more you do the more I can giveaway!!!
Love to all of you!!!

Bijoux Box is sponsoring a giveaway of these items (value at $125) this giveaway starts this afternoon!)

Mia Tempo Will be sponsoring a giveaway (one month's subscription box, will be current month's box not the one pictured as it was June's box, the value of the June box was $64.96)

Healthy Surprise will be sponsoring one month of their subscription box (the starter box level ...the same size as pictured above, this was last months box value $33...winners box will be the box of that current month)

Facial Skincare

I will be providing one winner with a one month Olio Luxe box (value varies, usually around $50.00) this is from me and not responded by the company (search this page for my MANY olio luxe reviews) this is my favorite company and that is why I am putting it into my summer of giveaways

WoofWagPlay box is sponsoring a giveaway of one of their boxes this summer as well...the box pictured is my June box it value was 59.45...winner will receive current month box)

Ambition Box will be sponsoring a July box giveaway (I believe it will be the same box that I will review for you this week (and it's a really nice box) pictured here is June's box valued at $ 99.65

Ambition Box is sponsoring a few giveaways for me this summer (Thank You very Much to the Ambition Box team for their generosity)

Celazome Purifying botanical cleanser valued at $26.00 (sponsored by Ambition Box)

Celazome Gly-Clear Cleanser valued at $28.00 (sponsored by ambition box)

Nailtiques set (formula 2 and polish) valued at $22.00

Nailtiques set (formula 2 and polish) valued at $22.00

I personally will also be adding in a box from Raven Hollow Candles because it is one of my favorite companies and I want you my readers to love them too.

There will be more giveaways as well this summer, these are just the ones that I can actually announce at this time...but I promise more to come and there is one that will just blow you away.....

Make sure you subscribe via email or bloglovin' to get your daily updates so you do not miss a single giveaway opportunity and make sure you tell all your friends...

today we will kick this off with launching the giveaway for approximately $125 in jewelry from your bijoux box  in just a few hours.... make sure you keep checking back in...subscribe, subscribe, subscribe so you don't miss anything!