Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Dragon slayer lost to a bowl of water...sad, huh?

i will keep this rather short (you know i typically have long posts)

I have been silent recently because a few days ago my son dumped out the dogs water bowl and i slipped in it....

a very bruised tailbone, 3 broken bones and a big knot on my head was the end result. ..

i had planned to post about this in a funny story, but my pain meds are kicking back in so just a quick post instead.

i have so much planned for you....i will be getting some reviews done hopefully starting this evening when my meds are not at the point i type and sound like a drunk person

coming up...june home grown collective, And then the July boxes...Ambition box, 5 4 club box for men, cotton booty, Love With Food, gfreely, healthy surprise...and more i cant think of now since meds are kicking in....

giveaways....first giveaway to launch the summer of giveaways will be an Ambition box, ambition box was also kind enough to donate quite a few other items to be part of my summer give always (you will find out what items in a few days) I also have quite a few other boxes to giveaway this summer... and i decided to even throw in a giveaway of my favorite Olio Luxe items....

sorry that i have disappeared for a few days, but i have been working on making this a GREAT summer for all my readers here on the dragon slayer mommy

also a quick discount code....Juniper box is offering your first box 50% off if you tell them the dragon slayer sent you....

more exclusive codes on the way as well

ok my lovelies, i am feeling all goofy again, so i am out of here for now



  1. OMG...glad to hear that you are doing okay. Who would have known a bowl of water could do so much damage?! Can't wait to hear more about the giveaways...but make sure you get lots of rest and heal up for that little boy of yours.