Sunday, July 7, 2013

June Tuck In's Box - new "adult" monthly subscription box

Recently I was given an opportunity to review a brand new "adult" themed box called Tuck-Ins Monthly. I was saying yes, I want to review this the second I heard about this box. 
I think this is the first "adult" box that I am aware of that offers a "plus size " option as well big bonus points right there!! you just tell them small, Medium, large or Plus sized and then you wait for you box of tasteful, yet sexy adult items to arrive.

My Tuck-Ins box arrived in a plain padded envelope , which is perfect when you live in a tiny town like I do so no one is discussing what is going on in your bedroom that right (although since I put it all out here on The Dragon Slayer Mommy I guess they all know my business anyways)

The top picture is how the actual box looks when you pull it out of the shipping envelope. I absolutely loved how it was all tied up with a pretty pink bow...makes it perfect for gift giving (like for a bridal shower) This picture is the little logo they have on the box lid that kinda gets hidden by the bow at first glance, but I really thought it was cute and perfect for this box so I wanted ya'll to see it up close like I can here at home.

The box contents are all wrapped up in pretty pink tissue that matches the bow the box was tied with and little post card size of thoughts and ideas more so than an information card...I like that they give you some ideas and point out that you are dressing up as much for yourself as you are for your man (he would rather you be naked really)

first peek inside my Tuck Ins box ... I had no idea what to expect when I decided to review this box since it is a new company and there were really no reviews to go look up... this is really not what I was expecting, but I mean that in a GOOD way...

Dreamgirl seductive stripe microfiber babydoll - $39.95,  This picture does not show how pretty this really is. This is beautiful, and so soft.... made me very happy!! This will be super comfortable to wear... and again as I have mentioned before a babydoll is so flattering to any figure that you can't go wrong with this style of lingerie!!

wanted to show some of the detail on the lace and the little bow with the rhinestone in the middle, I wish I had my daughter's camera handy when I took these pictures so you could really get an idea of how pretty this really is.

max makeup cherimoya lip polish in Red shimmer $1.25- nothing says sex as well as red lip-gloss and black lingerie so this was a perfect choice to go with the babydoll this month.

Crazy Girl wann be naked intimate shave creme 0.5 oz foil packet $1.65- typically I am not a fan of foil packets, but in this type of box they are completly acceptable I think, and we all KNOW that this little packet is a "must" before a special romantic evening
...this is described as A playfully soft fragrance with the sweetness of sugar, cotton candy, vanilla musk and light fresh berries...a simply irresistible combination for flirty little moments.... Ithink I need to get more of this and use it as a regular shave creme because it sounds yummy!!!

Crazy Girl wanna be naked aroused oral sex gel 0.13 oz $1.98 - again for this foil packet is 100% acceptable.... love that this is cotton candy flavored, who knew?

All totaled my June Tuck-Ins box was valued at $ 44.83, and the cost of this box is $29.99 so it is certainly a great value (actually the babydoll alone cost more than the box) I really like the fact that Tuck-Ins emphasizes that a woman needs to "dress for herself" and feel good about herself first and foremost... being sexy is mostly about your attitude... and Tuck-Ins realizes that , and helps a woman "feel" sexy...the added touches like the lip-gloss were genius...I would NEVER buy a red lipstick/lip-gloss...but I would in this scenario because it's all about feeling sexy ... so the red works with the "attitude" this box creates... adding in the little packets are giving you "just the little extra you need" to make the night enjoyable...but to make YOU feel comfortable and confident about yourself as well.... awesome first box Tuck-Ins.....LOVE IT!!!

Do you want to get a Tuck-Ins box for yourself, maybe for a shower gift? Just want to check out the website? click here---->

I don't think they have a referral program at this time, but it never hurts to let them know that the Dragon Slayer Mommy sent you!

***this box was received free of charge for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own and no compensation was received for this review***

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